Temporal conjunctions and subordinate clauses ELE practice activity

This engaging Spanish activity is centered around the use of temporal phrases and conjunctions, designed for ELE (Español como Lengua Extranjera) Spanish classes. It takes the form of an interactive game with three distinct blocks: temporal clause conjunctions, temporal markers, and a collection of images.

At the B1 level of proficiency, students will have the opportunity to practice working with various subordinate temporal conjunctions, including en cuanto (as soon as), después de que (after), siempre que (whenever), nada más (no sooner), al (upon), mientras (while), desde que (since), hasta que (until), cada vez que (every time), antes de (before), tan pronto como (as soon as), and cuando (when).

The second block of this ELE activity consists of an array of temporal markers that add specificity and context to temporal clauses. These markers include ayer (yesterday), pasado mañana (the day after tomorrow), en 2100 (in 2100), el lunes próximo (next Monday), el año pasado (last year), mañana (tomorrow), anoche (last night), el mes que viene (next month), dentro de un año (in a year), este mes (this month), en 2010 (in 2010), and anteanoche (the night before last).

The third block features a collection of diverse images that challenge students to transform them into meaningful actions or events. These images range from everyday objects like una zapatilla (a slipper), unos cubiertos (cutlery), and un retrete (a toilet), to more abstract concepts like una constelación (a constellation), una web (a website), and un arcoíris (a rainbow).

The objective of this temporal clause practice activity is for students to select one element from each of the three blocks and creatively combine them to form coherent and meaningful phrases. This exercise not only reinforces their understanding of temporal conjunctions and markers but also encourages them to think critically and construct sentences that convey specific time-related information.

By engaging in this interactive game, students at the B1 level can enhance their language skills while developing their ability to construct complex sentences with temporal clauses. This activity promotes active participation, creativity, and practical application of temporal phrases, making the learning experience both enjoyable and educational.

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