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AIL Español stands out in national and international events within the ELE sector, sharing enriching experiences and expanding its global impact. Our active participation in these gatherings drives educational excellence and strengthens our connection with the international educational community.

FEDELE Annual Convention: A Resounding Success | Madrid, February 22nd and 23rd 2024

On February 22nd and 23rd 2024, Madrid successfully hosted the FEDELE Annual Convention, a pivotal event for the language tourism sector that brought together experts and professionals, including Chris Haworth, Founder and Director AIL Español. This yearly gathering focused on innovations and challenges in teaching Spanish in Spain, featuring a comprehensive program of lectures, roundtable discussions, and debates.

The involvement of various sector figures, such as AIL Español, provided invaluable insights into the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language, learning methodologies, and strategies to address the current and future challenges of the sector. The event served as a platform to strengthen the collaborative network among schools and professionals, highlighting the importance of Spanish on a global scale.

The FEDELE Annual Convention reaffirms its status as a crucial event for dialogue, innovation, and the promotion of language tourism in Spain.

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FEDELE annual convention 2024

2nd Educational Forum “Spanish Immersion” | Madrid, February 9th and 10th 2024

Between February 9th and 10th, 2024, AIL Español stood out at the 2nd Educational Forum “Spanish Immersion”, organized by Editorial Edinumen and the Complutense University of Madrid. We presented the workshop “Infographics in the ELE classroom: how to say a lot with little,” by María del Olmo, demonstrating the value of infographics in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

This event brought together experts to adapt Spanish teaching to current educational needs, promoting the use of innovative tools and interaction in immersive contexts. AIL Español reaffirmed its commitment to excellence and pedagogical innovation, sharing and acquiring key knowledge to enrich the educational experience in learning ELE.

Participation in this forum underscores our dedication to continuous improvement and the development of effective strategies to attract and retain Spanish students, strengthening our position as leaders in ELE education.

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II Foro Didáctico Español en inmersión

Campus Abroad Annual International Education Fair | Mauritius, February 7th 2024

As representatives of AIL Español, we are proud to announce our successful participation in the Campus Abroad Annual International Education Fair on February 7th, 2024. This prestigious event, held in the beautiful city of Quatre Bornes, brought together students, educators, and institutions from across the globe, offering an unparalleled platform for exploring the vast opportunities in international education.

At AIL Español, with campuses in Barcelona, Madrid, and Malaga, we are committed to delivering high-quality Spanish language education and fostering cultural exchange. Our participation in this year’s fair was a testament to our dedication to connecting ambitious students with the rich, immersive educational experiences that Spain has to offer.

This year’s fair featured:

  • A diverse array of universities and colleges: We were thrilled to be among prestigious institutions, showcasing our unique programs and scholarship opportunities.
  • Engaging panels and workshops: Our team contributed to the vibrant discussions and interactive sessions, sharing insights on the benefits of language learning and cultural immersion in today’s interconnected world.

We are grateful for the opportunity to have been part of such an inspiring event and to have connected with so many passionate individuals dedicated to international education. We look forward to continuing these valuable connections and to participating in future events that align with our mission of promoting language learning and cultural understanding.

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Education Fair Mauritius

Campus Abroad Annual Education Fair | Mauritius, 24th and 25th november 2023

Established in 2001, Campus Abroad Mauritius Ltd facilitates overseas education for Mauritian students. Licensed by the Mauritian Government’s Ministry of Education and a QISAN member, the company has been crucial in this endeavor. On the 24th and 25th november 2023, AIL Español proudly participated, highlighting its University Pathway Program in Madrid and Málaga. The event featured presentations on the program and the diverse global course offerings available across Barcelona, Madrid, and Málaga campuses.

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