Presence at National and International Events

AIL Español is ever present in national and international events within the ELE sector, sharing enriching experiences and expanding its global impact.  Our active participation in these gatherings drives educational excellence and strengthens our connection with the international educational community.

MEET Andalucía Language & Culture | Ronda, April 20th – 22nd 2024

AIL Málaga strengthens international ties at MEET Andalucía 2024

AIL Málaga is proud to have participated in the prestigious event MEET Andalucía 2024, which took place in Ronda from April 20th to 22nd. This annual gathering, organized by the Association of Spanish Schools for Foreigners of Andalusia (EEA), with the support of the Public Company for Tourism and Sports Management of Andalusia and TURESPAÑA, brings together the most prominent Spanish schools in Andalusia and specialized agents in language travel from around the world.

During the event, AIL Málaga took part in 32 B2B meetings with the aim of establishing and strengthening relationships with specialized agencies and consultants. These interactions not only promote cultural and educational exchange but also solidify Andalusia as a priority destination for learning Spanish.

“MEET Andalucía provides a unique platform to showcase the quality and diversity of our educational offerings at AIL Málaga. We are committed to excellence in Spanish teaching, and events like this are essential for sharing our passion and knowledge with the world,” stated Chris Haworth, founder of AIL Málaga.

AIL Málaga continues to work to expand its network of international collaborations and contribute to the development of educational tourism in Andalusia. Participation in MEET Andalucía 2024 has been another step in this ongoing commitment to providing top-quality educational experiences.

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Taller Profesores de español Praga

Photo Caption: The founder of AIL Málaga, Chris Haworth, and Julie Brulet, from the Business Relations team.

Taller Profesores de español Praga

Photo Caption: The founder of AIL Málaga, Chris Haworth, Julie Brulet from AIL Málaga’s Business Relations team and Wenjing Zhang, representative of Beijing Zhong Xi He Zuo Education Consulting. 

I ProfELE Meeting in Prague | Prague, March 16th 2024

AIL Español Joins the Inaugural ProfELE Meeting in Prague

In an unprecedented event for Spanish language educators, the first ProfELE Meeting in Prague was successfully held on March 16th 2024, jointly organized by the esteemed publisher Edinumen and the Instituto Cervantes of Prague. This pioneering initiative gathered experts and enthusiasts of Spanish language teaching, fostering an environment of learning, exchange, and professional development. AIL Español, in collaboration with the Education Office of the Spanish Embassy in the Czech Republic, played a pivotal role in the success of the event, underscoring their commitment to the promotion and teaching of Spanish abroad.

A highlight of AIL Español’s contributions to the event was our teacher Pablo Pérez, who presented an innovative workshop on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the ELE classroom. This workshop, which garnered significant interest among participants, addressed the implications and benefits of integrating AI technologies in Spanish teaching, offering practical strategies and concrete examples of how AI can enhance the learning process and foster a more interactive and personalized educational experience.

The ProfELE Meeting in Prague aimed to provide Spanish language educators with a platform to share innovative teaching methodologies, discuss the latest trends in language acquisition, and explore the challenges and opportunities in the field of Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE). Through a series of workshops, presentations, and roundtable discussions, participants gained invaluable insights into effective teaching strategies and the future of language education.

The collaboration with the Education Office of the Spanish Embassy in the Czech Republic highlighted the importance of international cooperation in educational initiatives and the shared goal of improving the quality and reach of Spanish language teaching worldwide. The success of the I ProfELE Meeting in Prague sets a promising precedent for future events and reinforces the importance of continuous professional development for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language.

AIL Español remains dedicated to supporting the spread of the Spanish language and culture through innovative teaching methods and collaborative efforts. The organization looks forward to contributing to future editions of the ProfELE Meeting and continuing its partnership with Edinumen, the Instituto Cervantes, and the Education Office of the Spanish Embassy in fostering excellence in Spanish language education.

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Taller Profesores de español Praga

Photo Caption: Our trainer Pablo Pérez delivering “Use of AI in the ELE classroom”

Workshops for Spanish Teachers in Carrara | Carrara, March 15th 2024

AIL Español Shines at Spanish Teacher Workshops in Carrara

In an event that marked a milestone for the Spanish language educational community, AIL Español played an active role in the workshops for Spanish teachers organized by Edinumen and the Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Zaccagna Galilei in Carrara on March 15th 2024. This gathering, aimed at fostering excellence and innovation in teaching Spanish as a foreign language (ELE), saw the notable participation of renowned professionals and experts in ELE didactics.

AIL Español, known for its commitment to quality teaching and pedagogical innovation at its Spanish schools in Barcelona, Madrid, and Malaga, significantly contributed to the event’s success with the workshop “Infographics in the ELE Classroom: How to Say a Lot with Little.” This workshop was expertly led by teacher María de Olmo, whose experience and knowledge in the field captivated the attention and interest of all attendees.

The workshop focused on using infographics as a didactic resource to facilitate learning and improve information retention among ELE students. María del Olmo shared practical techniques and strategies for effectively integrating this visual resource into classes, emphasizing how infographics can simplify complex concepts and encourage greater interaction and participation in the classroom.

AIL Español’s participation in these workshops underscores its leadership in promoting innovative methods in Spanish teaching and its dedication to the continuous training of its teachers. The institution continues to demonstrate its commitment to educational excellence and its active role in events that contribute to the professional development of ELE teachers.

The event in Carrara not only served as a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences among Spanish teaching professionals but also reaffirmed the importance of collaboration and innovation in language education. AIL Español is proud to have been part of this meeting and to have contributed to the enrichment of the ELE teaching community.

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Taller Profesores de español Carrrara

Photo Caption: Our trainer María del Olmo along with some of the participants.

Taller Profesores de español Carrrara

Photo Caption: Our trainer María del Olmo delivering ‘Infographics in the ELE Classroom: How to Say a Lot with Little’.

FEDELE Annual Convention: A Resounding Success | Madrid, February 22nd and 23rd 2024

AIL Español at the Forefront of Spanish Language Learning: Highlights from the 24th FEDELE Annual Convention

AIL Español proudly participated in the 24th FEDELE (Federation of Spanish Language Schools in Spain) Annual Convention held in Madrid on February 22nd and 23rd, 2024. The convention, which brought together over 60 schools from across Spain, served as a pivotal event for professionals and stakeholders in the industry. AIL Español’s Founder and Director, Chris Haworth, played a prominent role in the convention, contributing to the intensive discussions on industry challenges and developments.

One of the key highlights of the convention was the participation of outside professionals, including representatives from the prestigious Instituto Cervantes, top publishing houses, and digital marketing experts. Through engaging lectures, roundtable discussions, and debates, participants explored diverse themes aimed at optimizing the learning experience of Spanish students in language schools.

AIL Español’s presence at the convention exemplifies its dedication to staying at the forefront of educational innovation. By actively engaging with industry leaders and sharing best practices, AIL Español continues to enhance its programs and offerings to meet the evolving needs of students.

The convention also served as a platform for strengthening collaborative networks among schools and professionals in the field. AIL Español seized this opportunity to showcase its expertise and share insights, reinforcing its position as a leader in the Spanish language learning sector and shaping the future of language education in Spain and beyond.

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FEDELE annual convention 2024

Photo Caption: Chris Haworth with David Trigo, the Director of FEDELE at the ICEX‘s (Spanish Export and Innovation Agency) head office

2nd Educational Forum “Spanish Immersion” | Madrid, February 9th and 10th 2024

AIL Español Shines at the 2nd Spanish Immersion Educational Forum: Innovating ELE Teaching with Infographics

Between February 9th and 10th, 2024, AIL Español stood out at the 2nd Educational Forum “Spanish Immersion”, organized by Editorial Edinumen and the Complutense University of Madrid. We presented the workshop “Infographics in the ELE classroom: how to say a lot with little,” by María del Olmo, demonstrating the value of infographics in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

This event brought together experts to adapt Spanish teaching to current educational needs, promoting the use of innovative tools and interaction in immersive contexts. AIL Español reaffirmed its commitment to excellence and pedagogical innovation, sharing and acquiring key knowledge to enrich the educational experience in learning ELE.

Participation in this forum underscores our dedication to continuous improvement and the development of effective strategies to attract and retain Spanish students, strengthening our position as leaders in ELE education.

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II Foro Didáctico Español en inmersión

Photo Caption: Our trainer teacher, María del Olmo, conducting the AIL Español workshop at the Complutense University facilities.

Campus Abroad Annual International Education Fair | Mauritius, February 7th 2024

AIL Español Triumphs at Campus Abroad Annual International Education Fair: Bridging Cultures Through Language Learning

As representatives of AIL Español, we are proud to announce our successful participation in the Campus Abroad Annual International Education Fair on February 7th, 2024. This prestigious event, held in the beautiful city of Quatre Bornes, brought together students, educators, and institutions from across the globe, offering an unparalleled platform for exploring the vast opportunities in international education.

At AIL Español, with campuses in Barcelona, Madrid, and Malaga, we are committed to delivering high-quality Spanish language education and fostering cultural exchange. Our participation in this year’s fair was a testament to our dedication to connecting ambitious students with the rich, immersive educational experiences that Spain has to offer.

This year’s fair featured:

  • A diverse array of universities and colleges: We were thrilled to be among prestigious institutions, showcasing our unique programs and scholarship opportunities.
  • Engaging panels and workshops: Our team contributed to the vibrant discussions and interactive sessions, sharing insights on the benefits of language learning and cultural immersion in today’s interconnected world.

We are grateful for the opportunity to have been part of such an inspiring event and to have connected with so many passionate individuals dedicated to international education. We look forward to continuing these valuable connections and to participating in future events that align with our mission of promoting language learning and cultural understanding.

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Education Fair Mauritius

Photo Caption: Students at the Annual International Education Fair

Campus Abroad Annual Education Fair | Mauritius, 24th and 25th november 2023

Established in 2001, Campus Abroad Mauritius Ltd facilitates overseas education for Mauritian students. Licensed by the Mauritian Government’s Ministry of Education and a QISAN member, the company has been crucial in this endeavor. On the 24th and 25th november 2023, AIL Español proudly participated, highlighting its University Pathway Program in Madrid and Málaga. The event featured presentations on the program and the diverse global course offerings available across Barcelona, Madrid, and Málaga campuses.

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