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Explore the world of AIL Español and uncover our range of student services designed to enhance your experience, including information about the Erasmus+ program. From the globally renowned ISIC Card, offering a wealth of discounts and benefits, to comprehensive medical insurance for your peace of mind, we’ve got all your needs covered. Your journey with us goes beyond learning; it’s about providing holistic support and making the most of your time with us.

International Student Card (ISIC Card)

– Worldwide Savings: Access exclusive discounts for travel, lodging, dining, and entertainment on a global scale.

– Student Credentials: Utilize your ISIC Card as an officially recognized student identification card at institutions and events worldwide.

– Cultural Immersion: Benefit from reduced or complimentary admission to museums, galleries, and cultural sites.



Medical Insurance

– Extensive Health Coverage: Benefit from comprehensive medical insurance, covering doctor visits, hospitalization, and emergency services, guaranteeing top-tier healthcare during your stay.

– Visa and NIE Compliance: Our insurance aligns with Spanish consulate requirements, crucial for Visa applications or NIE renewals, providing peace of mind throughout your Spanish journey.

– Worldwide Assistance: Gain access to a network of healthcare professionals and facilities, offering support and care across Spain’s regions.

– Swift Claims Handling: We prioritize efficiency, ensuring prompt and straightforward claims processing, allowing you to concentrate on your studies and experiences in Spain.


Erasmus+ Program Information

– Enriched Learning Experiences: Become part of a diverse and inclusive educational setting that nurtures cross-cultural comprehension, linguistic proficiency, and academic advancement.

– Financial Assistance: Explore exclusive funding options, scholarships, and grants designed to ease the financial challenges of studying abroad, making your experience more cost-effective.

– Language Submersion: Immerse yourself in Spanish culture and language, enhancing your linguistic abilities while cultivating a deep understanding of the local way of life.

– Cultural Enrichment: Embrace the vibrant tapestry of Spain through immersive activities, events, and cultural exchanges, forging enduring memories and global friendships.

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