Premium Online Spanish Course

Master Spanish online with our premium course. Experience dynamic group and personalized individual classes, immerse yourself, and achieve fluency!

CLASSES PER WEEK: 20 group classes + 5 individuals classes per week
CLASS SIZE: Average 3, max. 5
TIMETABLE: Monday- Friday, 13:00h-16:50h
(the individual classes are scheduled at your convenience before or after your group classes).
START DATES: The first Monday of each month
LEVELS: All levels, from A1 to C1
PRECIO: 1384€ per 4 week + 30€ e-book no enrollment fee

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Premium Online Spanish Course


per 4 weeks
About the Premium Online Spanish Course
Embark on an extraordinary language learning journey with our highly efficient Premium Spanish Online Course. This immersive program is thoughtfully designed to provide you with a comprehensive language experience, combining both group classes and individual lessons that will propel your Spanish skills to new heights.
In our group classes, held in our virtual classroom, you will engage with fellow international students, creating a vibrant and diverse learning environment. Over the course of four immersive hours, you will delve into grammar, vocabulary, and most importantly, develop strong communication skills. Our dynamic and entertaining approach includes engaging activities such as language games, quizzes, short films, songs, role play, and organized debates. Through these interactive experiences, you will find yourself speaking Spanish with confidence and proficiency that you may have never imagined possible.
The individual lessons in our virtual setting are a precious opportunity to address any specific doubts or concerns you may have. Our dedicated teachers will work closely with you to focus on your weak areas, cater to your special interests, and provide valuable extra speaking practice. These personalized sessions ensure that you receive the individual attention and feedback necessary for your continued growth and progress.
It is no surprise that many students express their astonishment as the end of the course approaches, remarking, “I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by!” The engaging and transformative nature of our Premium Spanish Online Course leaves an indelible impression, and students often find themselves longing for more.
Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to learn Spanish online. Join us in our premier virtual classroom and witness your Spanish skills soar as you immerse yourself in a supportive and engaging environment. Discover the joy of mastering a new language and embrace the confidence that comes with speaking Spanish fluently. Your journey begins here, and we are thrilled to be a part of it.


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