Activities, exercises and resources for the Spanish class

Elevate your Spanish teaching with AIL Español free resources for A1 to C1 levels. Explore our Spanish Teachers Resources, including Grammar Exercises and Interactive Activities, to enhance learning outcomes and make your lessons dynamic. Transform your Spanish Lessons with AIL Español today!

A1 Level Spanish Activities

Discover games and activities for Spanish A1, ideal for beginners. Our interactive resources cover topics such as regular and irregular verbs, reflexive verbs, ‘gustar’, ‘estar’ + gerundio, and vocabulary related to food and clothing, making learning fun.

A1 Level Spanish Activities

A2 Level Spanish Activities

Explore A2 resources for SFL (Spanish as a Foreign Language) covering topics such as past tenses, ‘ser’ vs. ‘estar’, preterite, and ‘qué’ vs. ‘cuál’. Our materials enable effective and fun learning of Spanish fundamentals.

A2 Level Spanish Activities

B1 level Spanish Activities

Access B1 exercises covering the subjunctive, wishes, suggestions, and more. Our resources enable reinforcement of key concepts for students, facilitating the teaching of Spanish at an intermediate level.

B1 Level Spanish Activities

B2 level Spanish Activities

Explore B2 resources with themes such as conditionals, ‘although’, regional vocabulary, and more. We offer interactive exercises to facilitate advanced Spanish teaching, allowing teachers to reinforce linguistic skills in their students.

B2 Level Spanish Activities

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