Corporate Social Responsibility

For AIL Español Language Schools in Barcelona, Madrid, and Málaga, our commitment extends beyond teaching Spanish. Since our inception, we have aimed to instill moral values in our students. The holistic learning process goes beyond educational concepts such as grammar and linguistic skills; it encompasses a culture of environmental awareness, equality, and social diversity.

With a rich history of sharing Spanish language and culture with ambitious international students, we consider our students as an integral part of our journey and members of the AIL Español family. This perspective fuels our strong sense of corporate social responsibility within our school. We firmly believe that it is our responsibility to impart ethical values to our bright and talented international students, knowing they will go on to make a positive impact on the world.

How did we become a socially responsible school?

As AIL Español, a Spanish Language School, we have always upheld the profound value of education. Our company’s mission and vision align closely with the core principles of the educational sector. Throughout our history as a school, we have taken active steps to contribute to significant social causes.

The need for a unified international community has become more apparent than ever in today’s world. From the challenges presented by the ongoing pandemic to various global issues, humanity faces constant trials. It is during these times of adversity that it is most crucial for us to unite and extend a helping hand to those in need.

FEDELE (Federation Association of Spanish Schools) promotes collaborations in addressing social issues across countries. From efforts to reduce social inequalities to the inclusion of marginalized groups in the community, FEDELE is committed to creating a better and more peaceful world. The organization has established an accreditation seal, “Socially Responsible ELE School” to recognize the commendable work done by many schools in the areas of environmental ethics, equality, and universal accessibility within the educational sector.

When did we receive accreditation as a Socially Responsible ELE School?

In March 2022, Madrid was the first location to receive this distinction, followed by Malaga in June of the same year. Finally, in November 2023, our school in Barcelona also achieved this recognition. These accomplishments underscore our ongoing commitment to social responsibility across multiple locations.

Some of the projects to promote social responsibility carried out at AIL Madrid

On the occasion of the Saint Patrick’s charity gala in support of individuals affected by Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, a genetic condition without a cure that damages the lungs and liver, we collaborated in the charity auction organized by the association to support research and aid those facing this rare disease. We are committed to continuing to participate in similar charitable events and raising awareness about the importance of supporting those with lesser-known illnesses.

For years, we have maintained a collaboration with UNIR University (International University of La Rioja), providing its students with the valuable opportunity to intern with us. We understand the challenges young people face when entering the workforce and are committed to being their first step toward a successful career in a real working environment, driven by social responsibility. This partnership reflects our commitment to education and supporting the next generation of professionals.

In 2024, AIL Español is proud to have participated in the XV Generali Race for Inclusion, an event organized by the Spanish Paralympic Committee and Sport Life Ibérica, sponsored by Generali and supported by the Madrid City Council. The race, which brought together thousands of participants in support of inclusive sports, reaffirms our commitment to inclusion and community support. We will continue to support events that promote equality and the integration of people with disabilities.

Some of the projects to promote social responsibility carried out at AIL Malaga

We collaborated with the NGO Accem, which works daily with migrants or those at risk of social exclusion. We worked with them for a period of two months, teaching a Spanish course for migrants with a basic level of Spanish to help them overcome language barriers they may encounter in their daily lives in the city.

For a while now, we have been part of the Erasmus plus program in Malaga. Through this partnership, anyone enrolled in a school with an agreement with the program can study at our school thanks to the grants offered.

Some of the projects to promote social responsibility carried out at AIL Barcelona

We promote and implement recycling routines in all our schools. We are committed to promoting responsible recycling in our facilities. We have implemented waste sorting systems to separate organic waste from paper, glass, and other non-recyclable materials.

We organize sports tournaments to promote physical activity for maintaining good health. We periodically organize beach volleyball tournaments to introduce sports and healthy habits to our students.

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