Our Students

Meet our Favorite People on Earth!

Our diverse student body at AIL Español represents 63 different countries, all united by their passion for the Spanish language and culture. Whether attending face-to-face or online classes, our students enjoy a 100% immersive experience. Join us to meet fellow learners, hear their testimonials, and gain valuable tips to enhance your Spanish skills.

Listen to their testimonials:


Brooke from USA

Peter from USA

Laura from Belgium

Kossay from Tunisia

Rosangela from Brazil

Alka from India

François from Canada

Juiane from Brazil

Elisa from Switzerland

Paloma from Brazil

Luisa from Australia

Sofija from Serbia

Riccardo form Italy

Sarah from Ireland

Isabelle from USA

Maureen from Scotland

Alan & Tanya from United States


Hanna from Poland

Damon from USA

Raphaël from France

Yen from Vietnam