Reduplicative structures ELE activity with the subjunctive

This engaging activity is designed as a table exercise to help students practice reduplicative structures in both the present and past subjunctive tenses. By combining elements from two blocks, students are encouraged to construct meaningful phrases that incorporate these structures while also familiarizing themselves with notable figures from the Hispanic world.

Block 1: Elements for Reduplicative Structures
In the first block, students are presented with essential elements that commonly appear in reduplicative structures. These elements include “por ejemplo” (for example), “lo que” (what), “donde” (where), “como” (as), “o no” (or not), and “o quien” (or who). These elements serve as building blocks for the reduplicative structures students will create in their phrases.

Block 2: Notable Hispanic Figures
The second block introduces students to relevant historical figures from the Hispanic world. These figures include Yalitza Aparicio, Alfonso Cuarón, Maluma, Rigoberta Menchú, and Maradona. To provide context and aid students who may not be familiar with all these figures, their professions or roles are mentioned. For example, students may know Alfonso Cuarón as a renowned film director.

Activity Objective:
The primary aim of this activity is for students to form phrases that incorporate reduplicative structures in either the present or past subjunctive tense. To achieve this, students select one element from the first block (e.g., “por ejemplo”) and one figure from the second block (e.g., “Alfonso Cuarón”) to create a meaningful sentence.

Example Phrases:
1. Por ejemplo, Alfonso Cuarón, quien dirigiera grandes películas, merece reconocimiento.
(For example, Alfonso Cuarón, who directed great films, deserves recognition.)

2. Como Rigoberta Menchú, quien luchara por los derechos indígenas, nunca habrá otra.
(As Rigoberta Menchú, who fought for indigenous rights, there will never be another.)

3. Lo que Maluma cante, siempre emociona a sus seguidores.
(What Maluma sings always excites his fans.)

4. Donde Yalitza Aparicio actúe, deja una huella imborrable.
(Where Yalitza Aparicio acts, she leaves an indelible mark.)

This exercise challenges students to use their imagination and linguistic creativity to construct phrases with the provided elements and figures. It not only reinforces their understanding of reduplicative structures but also broadens their cultural and historical knowledge of prominent Hispanic personalities.

By engaging in this activity, students enhance their proficiency in using reduplicative structures in different contexts, fostering language development and critical thinking. It creates a dynamic learning experience that encourages students to explore language and culture simultaneously.

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