Activity about the past imperfect at A2 level

This A2 level activity is a great way to practice the past tense in contrast to the present tense.

We’ve developed a set of cards featuring pictures and temporal markers ‘before’ and ‘after’ to help students make comparisons using these markers in the context of the past tense and present tense.

To play this game, you can cut up the cards and distribute them among the students in teams. One team will receive the cards labeled ‘before,’ which require the use of the past tense, while the other team will get the cards labeled ‘now,’ which require the use of the present tense.

Here’s how the game works: When a student from the ‘before’ team begins a sentence with ‘before’ and describes a picture, the opposing team should be attentive and ready to continue the phrase with ‘now’ and describe the corresponding picture.

The primary objective of this exercise involving the past tense is to help students understand the difference between using the present and imperfect tense for habitual actions in both the present and the past. This game encourages them to think about the timeline of events and make grammatical choices based on whether the action occurred before or after another event.

By using temporal markers like ‘before’ and ‘now,’ students can gain a clearer understanding of how verb tenses are used to convey actions in different time frames. This hands-on activity also fosters communication and teamwork among students as they work together to form complete sentences that accurately represent the past and present situations depicted in the pictures.

Overall, this activity is not only an effective way to practice verb tenses but also an engaging and interactive method to reinforce the concept of using the right tense for specific situations. It encourages active participation and allows students to apply their knowledge in a fun and collaborative way, helping them grasp the nuances of past and present tense usage more effectively.

Download the exercise in PDF

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