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Forget about tourist buses, expensive special transports and google maps telling you how to get somewhere. We are here to help you! We want you to know everything about Malaga transports, like a real malagueño. Can you imagine yourself at the bus stop asking in Spanish ‘‘¿perdona, sabes a qué hora pasa la linea 3?” with […]
Forget about tourist buses, expensive special transports and google maps telling you how to get somewhere. We are here to help you! We want you to know everything about Malaga transports, like a real malagueño.

Can you imagine yourself at the bus stop asking in Spanish ‘‘¿perdona, sabes a qué hora pasa la linea 3?” with a ”cafe con leche” in your hands? Or, have you ever notice how cool electric scooters are? Think about yourself on a “patinete”, with black glasses and reggaeton on the phone, looking like a real malagueño scootering next to the Malagueta. Sounds pretty fancy, doesn’t it?

To do so, you should be aware of all means of transport in Malaga!

Basically, Malaga offers different ways to move around:
• Local buses,
• Trains,
• Metro,
• Bikes,
• Taxis
• Electric scooters

Let’s see together each one of those transportation methods, so you will discover which option fits you the most! This will really depends on where you live, how much money you want to spend, and how far you have to go.


Jump on a bus!

It’s morning, you just woke up and have to get to our school for your first amazing spanish class. Can you imagine if you would have to look for the school on google first, then ask someone where the bus stop is and maybe even take the wrong one? That would take too much time! Don’t worry, we are here to help you with everything you need to know about buses in Malaga to not be late for our classes

EMT is an agency that runs all Malaga buses. There are more than 50 lines that can bring you anywhere in Malaga and its surrounded arias.

Daily buses run from around 6 to midnight depending on the line. During the day, buses usually pass every 8 to 12 minutes. So even if you lose one bus, don’t worry! Another one is coming pretty soon.

After midnight, EMT offers night buses called ‘’Nocturnos’’. Those only have 5 lines which replace the daily routes. During the night, buses pass less often: every 30 minutes up to even more than an hour, depending on lines.

EMT also offers a free app that you can download on your mobile phone. You can use the app to see time schedules, check buses directionsrecharge your pass or even to see ‘’live’’ at what time the bus is going to be at your bus station!

You can buy tickets at the ”Estanco” or at the EMT office.

• One ride costs €1,30. (You can buy this one on the bus, but they don’t give change in case you have more than 5€)
• A package of 10 rides costs €8,30.
• The monthly pass costs €39,95.

With the monthly pass you will have unlimited rides. This is the best option if you use the bus quite often or you need more than one bus to get somewhere. For students in Malaga under the age of 25, this pass only costs €27! Way cheaper!  (This also applies in case you´re a resident in Malaga and under the age of 30) We think that this is the best option for a student in Malaga as it is pretty cheap. (You can buy those ones only at the EMT office)

To keep in mind:
• None of those bus passes are valid to go to the airport. The bus to go to Malaga airport is LINE A , which will cost you €3,00 one way.
• Also, If you need two buses to get to one place, you will have to pay for two rides. Every time you get on a bus, you need to pay for a ticket.


The key to explore ”los pueblos” near Malaga

Malaga is a special city. Sun, ”playas”, history and modernity of big cities are all in once in Malaga. That’s why “Los Boquerones” are so proud of their city. But Malaga is also the province of a lot of amazing ”pueblitos” around here.

For example, Mijas is one of the most famous ”pueblos blancos” here, we love it. Walking in Mijas is like finding yourself in a romantic movie: it is full of little white houses that reminds of Greece, colorfull flowers everywhere and you can find the smell of typical food in their little typical streets.

Or, do you know Fuengirola? There is the biggest BIOPARC of Andalusia over there! There are many places around Malaga that are super cute to see for a day trip and we are going to tell you how to get there.

Trains are run by RENFE. They´re called ‘’Tren de Cercanías’’ in Spanish. You can take the train from around 5 to midnight depending on the line. They all leave from Malaga Centro-Alameda with directions to Fuengirola(C1) or Álora (C2) and viceversa.

The price depends on where you get in and out. Malaga has 4 train zones. The zones make the difference in price. Depending on how many zones you pass, the price will change between €1,80 up to €3,60 .
From the center to the Airport the price is €1,80 one way. (Line C1, direction Fuengirola) This is cheaper than taking the bus to the airport.The first time you buy a train ticket you pay 50 cents extra for your trip, as the train ticket is actually a rechargeable card. You only pay for it the first time, then you can recharge the card how many times you want to.

Do you know Plaza Mayor shopping center? It is so fun to get there in the weekends! Full of people looking for different kind of stuff, going to the cinema or eating Junk Food because on weekend diet doesn’t exist. If you want to get there, take Train C1 direction to Fuengirola.

For longer trips we have AVE, which runs the trains called “alta velocidad española”. Malaga Maria Zambrano is the right station to catch that kind of trains. Over there, trains go to big cities like Barcelona, Cordoba, Madrid, Sevilla or even Valencia. Of course it is not faster than a plane, but it could be way cheaper!


Be ecological, be in shape – ”Málaga Bici”

¿Sabias qué? Malaga offers more than 44km of cycle path and we are always working on it as we still have other 60 km available! Yes.. you read it correct, we said 60km! That means that Malaga could reach more than 100km of cycle path sometimes! ”Madre mía amigo!”

Malagueños are very proud of this, as cycle path is the new synonim for “ecologic city”. Also, bycling can get you in shape and let you save money on the gym.

Of course you can use the cycle path with your own bike, scooters or roller scates. But Malaga also wants to offer a way to ride bikes to people that don’t have one. This is why we have the famous agency ”Malaga bici”.

‘’Málaga bici’’ offers you the opportunity to borrow a bike. Let’s see how it works:
There are many ‘’Malaga bici’’ stations, throughout the whole city. In order to use those bikes, you need  an EMT card and register online with Málaga Bici. (Keep in mind that to do so, you need a credit card)

The annual price is €10, which you don’t pay the first year, but you have to pay €10 of insurance. Then, if you only use the bike for 30 minutes, the ride is free! In case you ride longer than 30 minutes, the cost will be €0,017 per minute. You can’t ride the same bike for more than 2 hours. If you do so, you will get a sanction. You won´t be able to ride the bike for the next week.

Once you’re done, you can leave your bike in one of the stations. Just remind yourself to block the bike with your card!


Move at the speed of light with the Metro!

Imagine yourself alone at the station waiting for the metro to go to work, like a very business man, with coffe in one hand and computer bag in the other one. That sounds a little NYC and gossip girl, but yes that’s the idea.

Metro is very fast and sometimes it is the best way to get to work in time. The difference between Malaga metro and the ones in big cities is that it is not very busy and crowded here!

Since 2014 Malaga welcomed the metro. It’s quite new and Malaga is rapidly creating more and more tracks, but it is never crowded.
So far, it has only 2 lines but there are other 4 under constructions. Those two depart from EL PERCHEL, which is the main metro station under Malaga Maria Zambrano station:
• Line 1: Andalucía Tech – El Perchel (Maria Zambrano)
• Line 2: Palacio de los Deportes – El Perchel (Maria Zambrano)

The metro works from 06:30 AM to 11:00 PM, except on Friday and Saturday, when the Metro works until 1:30 AM.

The normal price for a ticket is €1,35. With a rechargeable pass, which costs €2,10, you will only pay €0,82 for each ride. This is cheaper in case you often use the Metro. (You have to charge at least €5 and a maximum of €25)
The metro is fast, comfortable and cheap. Depending on your destination it could be convenient transportation method, if you have a metro station close to you.


The ”stress-free” way to move around!

We just talked about many ways to move around Malaga, but sometimes people want a stress-free way to get somewhere. Taxis are way more expensive than any other transportation but maybe easier. You just have to tell the taxi man where you want to go, and that’s it! So, in case you have no time or ‘’ganas’’ to use public transportation, you can use taxis.

Normal taxis in Malaga are white, with a yellow sign on the top which will indicate if the taxi is available or not. Taxis use a taximeter, so depending on how much time you spend on the taxi, the price will change.

Besides taxis, Malaga also has Uber, Cabify and Freenow. Those are apps you can call a taxi with. You easily download the apps and you can directly order a ride from wherever you are, at any time. Those apps work differently than a normal taxi, as you already know the total price before to book the ride. So, the price doesn’t work with a taximeter! You can decide to pay trough the app with a credit/debit card, or to pay with cash after the ride.


Be cool, be millenial, be a “patinete” guy

We already gave you a little idea about how a ”patinete” guy should look in Malaga. Cool, relaxed and very beachy. You will see many of those in the city, with glasses and music scootering around Malaga.

”Patinetes” are pretty famous here in Malaga. You can find them almost everywhere! There are many different brands, the price could change but they work all in the same way! They are easy to use: download the app that you prefer (Lime, Bolt, Tire, Jump,Bird) and insert a credit card together with your informations. Look in the app for the closest scooter, and ¡vamos!

The price goes for minutes, depending on how much time you will use the scooter, the price will change. Just remember that you have to stop the ride on the app once you’re done. Leave the scooter anywhere it is safe and visual to other people. Some brands, like Lime, have ‘’red zones’’ where you are not allowed to park the scooter.

In conclusion, Malaga offers many ways to move around, you just need to understand which one is the best for you!


10 useful sentences about transports

We are sure that with our article you will know everything about how to move in Malaga like a real Malagueño! In case you want to ask for something in Spanish, maybe just to start a conversation with someone. we are here to give you some help!  ¡Empezamos!

Where is the bus stop/ train station? / ¿Dónde está la parada del bus/ estación de tren?

Where can I call for a taxi? / ¿Dónde puedo pedir un taxi?

How much does a ride cost? / ¿Cuánto cuesta un viaje?

Does the bus line number 3 stop here? / ¿La línea del bus número 3 para aquí?

Where can I buy the tickets? / ¿Dónde puedo comprar los billetes?

How can I get to the train station? / ¿Cómo puedo llegar a la estación de tren?

Where is the track 3? / ¿Dónde está la vía 3?

Where can i recharge my pass? / ¿Dónde puedo recargar mi abono?

How does this ”patinete” works? / ¿Cómo funciona este patinete?

Do you know where i can find a ”Málaga bici” station? / ¿Sabes dónde puedo encontrar una estación de Málaga bici?

To get to know more about Spanish vocabulary and grammar, check out our Study Material!

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