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Get your Medical Insurance with Universitas Mundi and AIL Español!

Medical Insurance AIL Madrid
Universitas Salud
Medical Insurance AIL Madrid
Universitas Salud
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“Universitas Salud” is a medical insurance, that AIL Español offers, designed for foreign students and/or professors who choose a Spanish university for their studies, research, doctorate, master’s, MIR, or other educational or work programs on mobility. A private insurance equivalent to the Spanish public healthcare system, fulfilling the requirements of the Spanish Consulate for obtaining a Visa or renewing your NIE in Spain.

Securing medical insurance when traveling abroad is paramount for safeguarding one’s well-being. Unforeseen health issues can arise, and accessing quality healthcare in a foreign country without insurance can be financially and logistically daunting. Medical insurance offers peace of mind, covering emergency medical expenses, hospital stays, and repatriation, ensuring that unexpected health challenges don’t result in exorbitant bills or compromised care. It acts as a crucial safety net, allowing travelers to focus on exploration without the looming fear of financial strain. In an unfamiliar healthcare landscape, having insurance is not just a precaution but a responsible choice for a worry-free and protected journey.

Coverage from 28€ / month

Advantages of Universitas Salud Medical Insurance:

Valid for obtaining VISA at Spanish Consulates and Embassies worldwide

Valid for renewing NIE in Spain

Full refund in case of visa denial 

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