Madrid entered the New Normal: enjoy the city again

Madrid, a resilient city Without a doubt, Madrid embodies the definition of resilience: the ability to overcome a traumatic situation. We have adapted by overcoming stress and adversity, and that is why we are now turning what we have recently experienced into a new way of facing our day-to-day life as a society. That is […]

Madrid, a resilient city

Without a doubt, Madrid embodies the definition of resilience: the ability to overcome a traumatic situation. We have adapted by overcoming stress and adversity, and that is why we are now turning what we have recently experienced into a new way of facing our day-to-day life as a society. That is why, currently, we have transitioned into what is called the New Normal in Madrid. This is possible due to the confinement of the coronavirus pandemic, the worldwide confinement measures that we have been living under in the last months, which have been especially strict in Madrid.

Welcome to the New Normal:

Thanks to everyone’s efforts, we have managed to control the spread of cases and infections. Today, the opening of the city can be seen in many areas: hotels, nightclubs, retirement homes, tourism, schools, transport, municipal swimming pools, gyms, parks, etc.

Of course, each place has to respect the maximum allowed capacity, and follow with caution the necessary safety and hygiene measures so that we continue to protect each other. There are many places where the temperature is taken from clients or students, or where screens are put up to separate staff from the public, among other measures.

In my case, I was taking my Spanish classes virtually during the quarantine, thanks to AIL Madrid’s virtual courses. But as soon as they announced the possibility of rejoining the face-to-face classes, I signed up immediately to return to the school. All the teachers and students respect the security measures, and the school staff are constantly cleaning the classrooms and checking that we are all complying with the measures. They even take the temperature of everyone who enters the school – I definitely feel safe studying here! And I’m happy to see my classmates again and to be able to talk to them during the breaks over some coffee.

Discovering all the options that Madrid has to offer:

Studying Spanish in this city is chosen by students from all over the world, since, in addition to the quality of teaching, the city offers unique experiences. Therefore, today I would like to offer a review of all those special things you can enjoy in Madrid, a city full of culture and traditions.

Nobody can deny that the historical heritage can be seen in every corner of the capital. Moreover, Madrid is home to numerous cultural options: from its museums to its buildings full of history. Many of these sites have reopened with limited capacity, for example, the Thyssen Museum, the Prado with its gardens, or the Reina Sofía.

Madrid always surprises:

Madrid is a city that has the perfect balance between modern urban life and green spaces such as gardens, squares and parks where you can enjoy walks, picnics, or cycling. Besides, there is always sunshine here! And the sunsets are some of the most enchanting I have ever seen.

That’s why today I want to talk to you about something that characterises this city. It’s something that makes me fall in love with it more and more every day… and that is that it is ideal for walking. What I enjoy most about the New Normal, is to once again have the opportunity of walking to places, taking walks and stumbling upon the many surprises of Madrid. Although Madrid’s public transport works perfectly, and safety measures are being fully complied with (you won’t see anyone without a mask in the Metro), there is nothing like using your legs to discover the secrets of a city.

Step by step…

Walking around Madrid will allow you to get to know its most emblematic places. For example, you can enjoy the impressive Royal Palace, one of Madrid’s most striking architectural pieces, and you should not miss visiting the Sabatini Gardens.

A few steps from the Palace, after crossing the Segovia Viaduct, you will reach the La Latina district, one of my favourites among others. There, the options for enjoying a refreshing beer with tapas are endless. In La Latina, there are taverns and terraces aplenty! And if you want to know other places you can have a drink, here is the list I shared some time ago.

And, speaking of tapas, you have to visit Plaza Mayor without a doubt. There, you can immerse yourself in the heritage of this famous Spanish plaza, while enjoying some churros or other famous dishes from the delicious local cuisine.

The lungs of the city:

To talk about the green spaces of Madrid deserves its own entry, there are so many of them. But today, my personal recommendation to take advantage of the New Normal in Madrid, is to visit the Royal Botanical Garden: an oasis of peace in the middle of the urban bustle. Its internal paths are a labyrinth that crosses different species of trees and plants, and there is even a vegetable garden with a terrifying scarecrow! Besides, you can’t miss watching the pond, with its lotus flowers and the sound of the friendly frogs swimming in it. Another area I love is the bonsai collection.

And to rest after the tour, the place has a fabulous terrace where I love to order an iced coffee and sit down to read a good book. Still not convinced? Well, this will do it: on Tuesdays access is completely free!

And if you stay until closing time (Gardens close at 8pm) and you still feel like going continuing, you can cross through the Barrio de Las Letras to Antón Martín or Tirso de Molina. There, you will enjoy their streets and… more bars! In these neighborhoods there are fantastic terraces where you can drink something fresh.

The secrets of  Madrid’s sierras:

Finally, if you need a breath of fresh air, you can escape to the wonderful Sierra Norte of Madrid, only 50 km from the capital. Places like Buitrago de Lozoya, El Berrueco, or Rascafría, will welcome you to their charming villages. From there, you can undertake some of the many hiking routes, totally safe and prepared for different levels of difficulty or length. Magical forests, waterfalls, dams, marshes and the peace that you can find in nature.

You can go by car, but getting there by public transport is accessible and easy. However, for this summer they have announced full occupancy of the cabins, so getting a place to spend the night can be a difficult task. However, you can always go to spend the day, or go camping.

I hope you liked my recommendations. If you come to study Spanish in the New Normal in Madrid, be sure to explore the city on foot. It’s the best way to get to know the city like a real local – luckily, Madrid offers many opportunities to do so!

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