Life in the west of Málaga

The west of Málaga has always been a popular holiday destination. Due to its long coastlines, great beaches and local population’s hospitality. This is a place where you will find museums, parks, bars and so many other attractions. The sun is always shinning, the weather is almost perfect and the people are homely. AIL Málaga, […]

The west of Málaga has always been a popular holiday destination. Due to its long coastlines, great beaches and local population’s hospitality. This is a place where you will find museums, parks, bars and so many other attractions. The sun is always shinning, the weather is almost perfect and the people are homely.

AIL Málaga, happens to be located at this beautiful part of Malaga and this makes learning Spanish with us an experience not to miss.

Keep reading to discover the hits of the west of Malaga!

1. Our neighborhood

The neighborhood is lovely. We have schools for kids and teenagers around. We have good shops 5 minutes walk away from our office. The people speak Spanish, and you hardly find English speakers around. It is the perfect place for immersion. We have a good transportation system around the area : you can move with the bus for 1.30€ or with the metro for 1.35€. Transportation is cheap compared to other European countries.

2. Bar, restaurants and chiringuitos
When it comes to bars, restaurants and chinringuitos, be rest assured that we have the best. “Amitabha Chiringuito” is located on the beach and is opened from 11am until midnight. There you can eat sardines, lobsters, rice, and many other seafood’s, ranging from 15€ to 50€. Heladeria Inma is an ice cream shop popularly known for its excellent ice creams; Nutella with coffee with biscuit, Dulce de leche, pear with mango with Greek Yogurt… We also have the “Hamburgueseria Nómadas”. They have great burgers and prices are cheap, ranging from 7€ to 15€. They are usually opened from 8AM to 11:30PM every day of the week.

3. The Beach
We cannot talk about the west of Malaga‘s beach without talking about Torre Monica. The story of what today is called “Torre Monica“, located on the seafront of the Misericordia in Malaga, dates back to almost twenty years ago, when a young man, after an argument with his girlfriend, decided to give her a sample of his love. He thought of climbing an old, very tall chimney that belonged to an old factory from the time of the industrial boom in Malaga. His intention was to paint in large letters the name of his girlfriend Monica. After a couple of hours hanging in the fireplace, he managed to write his girlfriend’s name on the chimney. His actions excited to some friends and neighbours as to what love was able to do to Monica´s boyfriend. It ended up becoming History, as both ended up married.

The Playa de la Misericordia is a beach located in the west of Malaga. Its extension is 1,200 meters long and 30 meters wide. The beach is 15mins walk away from our office and it is the perfect place to relax and chill. People from all ages come to have fun, tan and enjoy the sea view. This beach is one of the most extensive in Malaga capital. The beach is wide, so it facilitates the practice any type of sport like volleyball, beach-soccer, cycling and a lot more. You can also go on a boat cruise, jetski and play by the river bank while having a good time. The Antonio Banderas Promenade is located on La Misericordia Beach and is perfect to have a lovely walk in the sunset, cycling or jog along with friends. This beach has been awarded with the “Q” flag of tourist quality in 2016, so don’t expect any less than quality!

4. Museums
The San Petersburg museum, known as the Colección del Museo Ruso in Spanish, is located in the building of the Royal Tobacco Factory of Málaga. The Russian Museum Collection has 2,300 square meters and 770 linear meters for exhibitions. The museum does not have a permanent collection throughout its history, but the exhibitions are changing every year or every six months (here are the current ones): Old Russian art, the 18th century, romanticism in Russia, Realism, Realism with Russian Themes, Neoprimitivism, The Vanguard, Socialist Realism, and Art after death of Stalin. The museum has more than 100 important works of Russian art. This is the only museum in Spain where we can see Russian art. Tickets are 8€ and they are opened from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9:30AM to 8PM.The Museo Automovilistico is a museum of fashion and future which bets on the evolution of Haute-Culture. They have cars as a work of art collection of almost 100 pieces, 200 haute-couture pieces in 7 fashion exhibits in the exhibition entitled “Magical collection”. They also have contemporary works of art representing History and evolution of most innovative artist of our time such as Philippe Parreno, Cindy Sherman, Kelly James Marshall and many more. Elegance and luxury are represented by Bugatti, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Dior among others.

The museums are 15 minutes walk from Ail Málaga.
Tickets are between 5,50€ for students to 7€ and there are opened from 10AM to 7PM, from Tuesday to Sunday.

5. La Térmica
This servers as a cultural and social container. All forms of artistic expression can be accommodated, from the performing arts to the fashion, through the cinema, the plastic arts, music, design, architecture, urbanism, landscaping or thought. They organize events throughout the year such as debates, exhibition, shows and concerts, fast track cultural, philosophy workshops and so many more.

6. Parks (Parque del oeste)
The Parque del oeste is an area of about 74,000 m2 that arose in response to the need to provide a space of nature and recreation to one of the most popular areas of Malaga. The Park opens up to many possibilities: culture, sports, rest, walking, bustle to people that live together and are respected. To this end, the different environments have been differentiated by means of constructive materials, platform height or architectural elements.

The children have more than 400 m2 of space for leisure and children’s play, while the elderly have one of the exclusive outdoor gyms for adults. For sports lovers, Parque del oeste has sports areas: basketball courts, indoor soccer and even more than 4,000 m2 for different sports. It also has 14,000 plants and flowers and almost 800 trees are lodged in this Park of more than 22,000 m2 of green areas, whose mixtures of colors and odors are a real pleasure for the senses. Another note of color is provided by the ducks of different species, the Wallaby de Bennet and other animals such as the emu, which are one of the attractions preferred by walkers.

The Park is registered and authorized as a zoological park in the Ministry of Environment of the Junta de Andalucía, being the only zoo of municipal ownership in the city of Malaga.

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