Multiple topic vocabulary game at A1 level

Learning Spanish can be an enjoyable journey, and it becomes even more fun when combined with a game that facilitates vocabulary acquisition and practice. In this endeavor, we present an engaging learning activity that aims to not only enhance vocabulary but also make the process of learning more exciting for our students.

The Game Setup:
Our mission is to encourage our students to actively practice and expand their Spanish vocabulary. To achieve this, we’ve designed an interactive game that fosters learning through play. This game is played on a table featuring 25 boxes, each representing a unique topic. These topics encompass a wide array of subjects, allowing students to explore a rich and diverse vocabulary.

To kick off the game, we begin by asking students to write the letters of the alphabet twice. These letters are then shuffled and placed face down. We divide the class into groups or pairs, promoting collaboration and friendly competition. The game commences with the roll of a dice, which dictates the course of action.

When the dice lands on a specific box, a letter is drawn from the pile. This letter becomes the guiding element for the challenge ahead. Within a minute, each group or pair must brainstorm and articulate as many Spanish words as possible related to both the topic indicated in the box and the randomly selected letter.

For example, if the dice lands on the “comida” (food) box, and the letter drawn is “S,” students must quickly conjure up Spanish words related to food that begin with “S,” such as “sopa” (soup), “sandía” (watermelon), or “salchicha” (sausage).

A designated teacher or facilitator maintains a record of the number of words generated by each group in every round. This scoring system adds a competitive edge to the game while ensuring that participants stay engaged and on-topic.

Scoring and Conclusion:
At the conclusion of each round, the teacher tallies the cumulative score for each team. The team with the highest word count at the game’s conclusion emerges as the victor. This dynamic learning activity is an excellent resource for students approaching the end of the A1 level, as it reinforces existing vocabulary knowledge and facilitates its expansion across various lexical fields. Learning Spanish has never been this enjoyable!

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Ejercicio de español para aprender vocabulario con temas