B2 level ELE game to practice verbs of change in Spanish class

This ELE activity takes the form of an engaging game designed to help B2 level students practice verbs of change in Spanish. The goal is for students to match each of the six verbs of change with the appropriate words from a provided list.

The six verbs of change used in this activity are:

1. Volverse (to become)
2. Convertirse en (to turn into)
3. Ponerse (to become/get)
4. Hacerse (to become)
5. Llegar a ser (to become)
6. Quedarse (to become/stay)

The list of words provided for students to match with these verbs of change is extensive and diverse. It includes words such as “ciego” (blind), “príncipe” (prince), “calvo” (bald), “dormido” (asleep), “furioso” (furious), “famoso” (famous), “embarazada” (pregnant), “mayor” (older), “pálido” (pale), “ricco” (rich), “vago” (lazy), “millonario” (millionaire), and many more.

The challenge lies in correctly associating each word with the most appropriate verb of change. This task demands a nuanced understanding of the verbs’ meanings and usage in different contexts. In some cases, multiple verbs of change may be applicable to a single word, offering students an opportunity to explore the subtle differences in meaning.

For instance, students may match “furioso” with either “ponerse” or “quedarse” to convey the idea of becoming or staying furious. Similarly, “príncipe” can be matched with “convertirse en” or “llegar a ser” to describe the process of becoming a prince.

This activity not only reinforces students’ knowledge of verbs of change but also challenges their comprehension and ability to select the most appropriate verb based on context. It encourages critical thinking and linguistic precision, promoting a deeper understanding of the Spanish language.

As students work through the matching process, they engage in active learning, reinforcing their vocabulary and grammatical skills. The dynamic and interactive nature of this game makes it an effective tool for language acquisition, allowing students to apply their knowledge in a fun and engaging manner.

Ultimately, this activity fosters language proficiency by encouraging students to think critically, make informed choices, and expand their expressive capabilities in Spanish.

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Juego ELE de nivel B2 para practicar los verbos de cambio en la clase de español