Sports vocabulary B2 level practice activity

This B2 level Spanish activity is designed to help students practice and expand their vocabulary related to different sports in Spanish. It involves a fun and engaging game in which students provide descriptions of sports without using certain forbidden words, challenging their vocabulary skills and creativity.

Materials Needed:

  • Exercise sheets (PDF format)
  • Scissors
  • Timer or stopwatch
  • Forbidden word list (provided on exercise sheets)

Exercise Steps:

  1. Introduction to Sports Vocabulary: Begin the activity by introducing and reviewing sports vocabulary in Spanish. Provide students with a list of sports they will encounter during the game. You can use images or illustrations to accompany each sport’s name for better comprehension.
  2. Distribution of Exercise Sheets: Distribute the exercise sheets (in PDF format) to each student. Each sheet contains a description of a specific sport and a list of forbidden words related to that sport.
  3. Instructions: Explain the rules of the game to the students. Let them know that their task is to describe the sport on their sheet to their classmates without using any of the forbidden words listed. They should aim to make their descriptions clear and engaging to help their classmates guess the sport correctly.
  4. Cut-Out Cards: Instruct students to cut out the cards on the exercise sheets along the dotted lines. Each card represents a different sport. They should have one card with a description and a list of forbidden words.
  5. Description and Guessing Game: Organize the students into pairs or small groups. In each round, one student takes a card and begins describing the sport without using the forbidden words. The other students in the group attempt to guess which sport is being described. Set a timer for a specific time limit (e.g., 2 minutes) for each round.
  6. Rotation: After each round, have the students rotate the cards to ensure that everyone has a chance to describe and guess different sports.
  7. Discussion and Feedback: After several rounds, gather the students together for a group discussion. Encourage them to share their experiences, the challenges they faced, and any new sports vocabulary they learned during the game.
  8. Extension Activity: To deepen the learning experience, you can ask students to research and present more information about the sports they encountered in the game. This can include rules, famous athletes, or cultural significance.

Objective: The main objective of this B2 level Spanish vocabulary activity is to enhance students’ sports-related vocabulary and descriptive skills. By playing the sports description game, students actively engage with the vocabulary and practice circumlocution, a valuable skill for effective communication. Additionally, the game promotes teamwork and communication within the classroom.

Download the exercise in PDF

Download the instructions in PDF

Sports vocabulary B2 level practice activity
Sports vocabulary B2 level practice activity
Sports vocabulary B2 level practice activity