My home is your home, a vocabulary game about the house for A1 level Spanish

Learning a new language is like discovering a whole new world, and in our A1 Spanish class, we’re excited to take you on an adventure to explore “la casa” (the house). Whether you’re a young student or a child at heart, our engaging Spanish vocabulary activity is designed to make learning about the home an enjoyable and interactive experience.

Game Basics: In “Exploring the Casa,” we’ve compiled a list of questions that will help you get better acquainted with the different parts of a house. The goal is to ask and answer these questions with your partner or in teams. And don’t worry if you encounter unfamiliar words—vivid pictures throughout the activity will provide helpful clues.

Unlocking the House: As you navigate this exciting adventure, you’ll uncover key words related to the home. From “escritorio” (desk) to “mascotas” (pets), we’ve carefully selected a range of vocabulary words that cover various aspects of the house.

Let’s take a peek at some of the words you’ll encounter: “electrodoméstico” (appliance), “bañera” (bathtub), “ventana” (window), “habitación” (room), “cocina” (kitchen), “mueble” (furniture), “sábanas” (sheets), “cuadro” (painting), “salón” (living room), “ascensor” (elevator), “terraza” (terrace), “albornoz” (bathrobe), “cajón” (drawer), “escoba” (broom), “gas” (gas), “basura” (trash), “alfombras” (rugs), “plantas” (plants), and “mascotas” (pets).

Learning Through Play: Our “Exploring the Casa” activity demonstrates that learning a language can be both fun and educational. By asking and answering questions about the house, you’ll not only expand your Spanish vocabulary but also gain a deeper understanding of the various elements that make up a home.

Memorize with Fun: To enhance vocabulary retention, consider writing down all the house-related words that appear on the whiteboard as you play. This visual reinforcement will help cement your newfound knowledge.

A Lifelong Adventure: Learning about “la casa” is a journey that will serve you well beyond the classroom. Whether you’re discussing your own home, exploring Spanish-speaking countries, or simply conversing with native speakers, this vocabulary will open doors to new connections and understanding.

So, get ready for a thrilling adventure in Spanish vocabulary as you explore “la casa.” “Exploring the Casa” is your ticket to unlocking the secrets of the home, one word at a time.

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Actividad ELE de vocabulario de la casa en español para un nivel A1