Spanish board game activity to practice the difference between “qué” and “cuál” in A2 ELE classes

Are you ready to embark on a linguistic activity that will strengthen your understanding of Spanish pronouns “qué” and “cuál” while delving into the realm of health-related vocabulary? Join us in this engaging A2-level activity designed for ELE Spanish classes.

Activity Overview: A Board Game Adventure

Imagine a vibrant board game filled with 26 intriguing questions, all centered around the theme of health. Your mission is to navigate this linguistic labyrinth using the pronouns “qué” and “cuál” to complete the questions. Your fellow ELE students will be your companions on this exciting quest.

Questions Galore: A Linguistic Challenge As you advance through the game, you’ll encounter a diverse array of questions to pique your curiosity. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the intriguing topics you’ll explore:

  1. The Five Senses: You’ll be quizzed on the names of the five senses, reinforcing your sensory vocabulary.
  2. Keys to Health: Delve into the secrets of leading a healthy life as you answer questions about the essential principles of well-being.
  3. Salt’s Impact: Investigate the effects of salt on the human body, broadening your knowledge of dietary choices and health.
  4. Remedies and Relief: Share your wisdom on remedies for headaches and stomachaches, drawing from your knowledge of health-related vocabulary.

Mastering “Qué” and “Cuál” Throughout the game, you’ll face decisions: when to use “qué” and when to choose “cuál.” This linguistic challenge serves as a valuable exercise to hone your grasp of these pronouns. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of their distinct roles in Spanish, paving the way for more confident communication.

The Dual Purpose: Vocabulary and Pronoun Proficiency This A2-level ELE activity seamlessly combines two key objectives. First, you’ll reinforce your grasp of health-related vocabulary, enhancing your ability to discuss wellness topics in Spanish. Second, you’ll practice using “qué” and “cuál” correctly in different contexts, sharpening your pronoun proficiency.

As you progress through this board game adventure, you’ll not only expand your vocabulary and language skills but also enjoy a fun and interactive learning experience. So, let’s embark on this educational journey together, where health and pronouns converge in the captivating world of Spanish!

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