A1 level game with vocabulary relating to shops

This vocabulary exercise is designed for A1-level learners and features 24 images of various products, offering an engaging way to expand their Spanish vocabulary. The words they will acquire include:

1. una regla and un lápiz (a ruler and a pencil)
2. unos limones (lemons)
3. un reloj (a watch)
4. unas pantuflas (slippers)
5. un bote de pastillas (a bottle of pills)
6. una bombilla (a lightbulb)
7. un pez (a fish)
8. un periódico (a newspaper)
9. una sortija (a ring)
10. un pastel (a cake)
11. un libro (a book)
12. un bote de perfume (a perfume bottle)
13. un peine y unas tijeras (a comb and scissors)
14. unas gafas (glasses)
15. unas flores (flowers)
16. una porción de pizza (a slice of pizza)
17. un sello (a stamp)
18. una barra de pan (a loaf of bread)
19. un café (coffee)
20. unas salchichas (sausages)
21. un mechero (a lighter)
22. una camisa (a shirt)
23. unas herramientas (tools)
24. unos productos de limpieza (cleaning products)

To make the vocabulary acquisition more practical and relatable, students are required to associate these words with the names of the corresponding shops where these products can be purchased. In Spanish, these shop names include:

1. la frutería (the fruit shop)
2. la mercería (the haberdashery)
3. la panadería (the bakery)
4. la floristería (the florist)
5. la relojería (the watch shop)
6. la pizzería (the pizzeria)
7. la librería (the bookstore)
8. la papelería (the stationery store)
9. la farmacia (the pharmacy)
10. el estanco (the tobacco shop)
11. la ferretería (the hardware store)
12. la cafetería (the café)
13. la pescadería (the fish market)
14. la carnicería (the butcher shop)
15. el quiosco (the kiosk)
16. la droguería (the drugstore)
17. la joyería (the jewelry store)
18. la pastelería (the pastry shop)
19. la óptica (the optician)
20. la zapatería (the shoe store)
21. la perfumería (the perfume shop)
22. la tienda de ropa (the clothing store)

This vocabulary game engages students by requiring them to articulate the names of the shops where they can purchase the depicted products. It encourages active participation and real-world application of vocabulary, helping learners connect words to practical scenarios, enhancing their language skills while making the learning process enjoyable and interactive.

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