Relative clauses practice activity in B2 level Spanish class

This activity is to practice relative clauses and pronouns while enhancing their vocabulary and communication skills. The game encourages creativity and teamwork while reinforcing their understanding of relative structures.

Game Objective: The primary objective of this activity is for students to define various objects using the relative structure “preposition + artículo + que” (preposition + article + that/which). In teams, students will create descriptive definitions for randomly selected objects, and their teammates must guess the object being defined within a set time limit.

Objects for Description: A selection of diverse objects is provided for the game, including items such as unos alicates (pliers), unas lentillas (contact lenses), un rollo de papel higiénico (a roll of toilet paper), un rodillo (a rolling pin), un picaporte (a doorknob), una pinza de tender la ropa (a clothespin), unos guantes de boxeo (boxing gloves), un mechero (a lighter), un ratón (a computer mouse), una chincheta (a thumbtack), and un oso de peluche (a teddy bear).

Game Rules:

  1. Students are divided into teams.
  2. Each team takes turns selecting an object at random from the provided list.
  3. The selected team must create a descriptive definition for the chosen object using a relative clause. For example: “Es un objeto que se utiliza para cortar cables y alambres” (It’s an object that is used to cut cables and wires).
  4. The rest of the team members have thirty seconds to guess the object based on the definition provided. They can use relative pronouns and their knowledge of Spanish vocabulary to make educated guesses.
  5. Teams earn points for each correctly guessed object within the time limit.

Benefits of the Activity:

  1. Vocabulary Expansion: Students expand their vocabulary by describing and guessing various objects.
  2. Grammar Practice: This activity reinforces the use of relative clauses and pronouns in Spanish.
  3. Creativity and Communication: Students engage in creative thinking and effective communication to convey object descriptions.
  4. Teamwork: The game promotes collaboration and teamwork among students.

This interactive game provides an enjoyable and educational way for B2 level Spanish learners to practice their language skills while having fun. It encourages critical thinking, language production, and cultural engagement, making it a valuable addition to language learning at this proficiency level.

Download the exercise in PDF

Download the instructions in PDF

Actividad ELE de nivel B2 para practicar las oraciones relativas y los pronombres relativos en la clase de español