Relative clauses exercise with the subjunctive at B1 level

This exercise is designed to provide practice for using the present subjunctive with relative clauses in Spanish. To make the learning experience more engaging, we have divided the activity into two parts, each focusing on different aspects of the topic of America. Students will be divided into two teams to encourage collaboration and competition.

In the first part of the activity, our goal is for students to explore and distinguish between the terms Hispanoamérica, Central America, Latin America, Iberoamérica, and South America. These terms are often used interchangeably but have distinct geographical and cultural nuances. Students will work together to identify the differences and similarities among these terms. This exercise not only sharpens their language skills but also deepens their understanding of the diverse regions encompassed by these terms.

After gaining a clearer grasp of these concepts, we move on to the second part of the activity. Here, we’ve designed a Spanish exercise that involves interrogative relative clauses. Some questions require responses in the indicative mood, while others necessitate the use of the subjunctive mood. The students’ challenge is to determine the appropriate mood based on the nature of the answer required.

By incorporating relative clauses and the subjunctive mood into this exercise, we aim to reinforce students’ comprehension of complex sentence structures and their ability to use the subjunctive mood in context. This part of the activity not only tests their language skills but also encourages critical thinking and problem-solving as they navigate the intricacies of relative clauses.

Overall, this two-part activity is a comprehensive approach to practicing the present subjunctive with relative clauses while delving into the diverse terminology associated with the Americas. It promotes teamwork, enhances language proficiency, and challenges students to think analytically about the cultural and geographical distinctions within these terms. As they respond to questions with both indicative and subjunctive clauses, students develop a deeper understanding of the Spanish language and its application in real-world scenarios.

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Ejercicio de español sobre oraciones de relativo y América
Ejercicio de español sobre oraciones de relativo y América