Practice the uses of the present subjunctive tense in Spanish

This oral activity in Spanish is designed to provide B1 level students with valuable practice in using the present subjunctive. The exercise comprises a series of questions that incorporate structures typically associated with the present subjunctive.

The objective of this activity is twofold: first, to enable students to review and reinforce their understanding of the uses of the subjunctive mood, and second, to foster oral engagement by framing these questions within the context of the working world.

The questions in this activity are carefully crafted to encourage students to apply the present subjunctive when responding. They touch upon various aspects of professional life and employment, prompting students to express opinions, preferences, and desires using the appropriate subjunctive structures.

For example, a question might inquire, “¿Qué características esperas que tenga un buen líder en el mundo laboral?” (What qualities do you expect a good leader in the working world to have?). Here, students are prompted to use the present subjunctive to express their expectations and preferences regarding leadership qualities.

Another question might explore the topic of job satisfaction: “¿Qué consejos darías para que los empleados estén contentos en su trabajo?” (What advice would you give for employees to be happy in their job?). Students would need to employ the present subjunctive to provide recommendations and express their opinions on promoting job satisfaction.

Furthermore, this activity can delve into workplace ethics, asking, “¿Qué acciones piensas que es importante que las empresas tomen para ser éticas?” (What actions do you think it’s important for companies to take to be ethical?). Here, students are encouraged to use the present subjunctive to discuss the importance of ethical practices in the corporate world.

By framing the questions within the context of the working world, this activity not only helps students reinforce their understanding of the present subjunctive but also equips them with the language skills needed to engage in meaningful conversations about professional topics. It encourages students to think critically, articulate their thoughts, and express their opinions effectively in Spanish.

Ultimately, this oral practice activity at the B1 level enhances students’ language proficiency and their ability to navigate real-world discussions related to the workplace. It empowers them to communicate confidently and fluently while using the present subjunctive to convey nuanced meanings and engage in thoughtful dialogue.

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