Miming exercise with present tense reflexive verbs

In our dedication to enhancing Spanish language learning, we’ve designed an engaging A1 level ELE exercise focused on practicing regular and irregular reflexive verbs in the present indicative tense. This activity combines enjoyment with education, fostering teamwork and active participation.

Our innovative activity takes the form of a miming game, offering students a dynamic way to reinforce their understanding of reflexive verbs. Students are divided into groups, creating a collaborative learning environment. Each group is provided with a set of cards, each containing a different reflexive verb in the present indicative tense.

The gameplay is straightforward yet effective. One student from a group selects a card and, without speaking, acts out the verb depicted on the card. The remaining group members must actively participate by attempting to guess the verb being mimed correctly. If they successfully identify the verb, the group earns a point. This engaging process continues, accumulating points, until one group reaches the designated maximum score.

This interactive game not only reinforces the usage of regular and irregular reflexive verbs but also cultivates teamwork, communication, and critical thinking skills.

Incorporate this enjoyable and educational activity into your Spanish language classroom to make learning reflexive verbs an exciting journey for A1 level students. It’s a surefire way to inspire enthusiasm for language acquisition while strengthening core language skills.

Download the exercise in PDF
Download the instructions in PDF

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