Spanish song to practice physical descriptions in the ELE A1 level class

This Spanish song offers a valuable vocabulary practice opportunity for ELE A1 level students focusing on physical descriptions of people. The chosen song, originating from Mecca, features gaps for students to fill, along with additional activities for reinforcing their grasp of physical description vocabulary.

In the second ELE A1 activity, students are tasked with completing phrases from the song using the verbs “ser” and “tener,” utilizing words found within the Spanish lyrics. This activity not only enhances their understanding of these essential verbs but also reinforces their association with physical descriptions.

Subsequent exercises within this Spanish song sequence challenge students to identify words that deviate from the standard gender rules in the Spanish language. For instance, the word “mapa” is introduced as an example. Furthermore, a phonetic and orthographic activity is included, focusing on the words “rata” and “lata” in the lyrics. Students are encouraged to actively participate by identifying similar cases like “roto and loto,” “risa and lisa,” “ruso and luso,” and more. This not only sharpens their pronunciation but also deepens their understanding of phonetics and orthography in the context of the Spanish language.

The final two activities in this ELE sequence from a Spanish song prioritize oral expression and further expand students’ knowledge of structures used to describe people. These activities offer students a chance to apply what they’ve learned in a practical, communicative context, promoting language proficiency and confidence.

In essence, this Spanish song-based lesson plan is a comprehensive and engaging approach to vocabulary acquisition and language practice at the A1 level. It combines listening, speaking, and critical thinking skills while immersing students in the rich cultural context of Spanish music. By embracing diverse activities, this sequence ensures a well-rounded learning experience that goes beyond mere vocabulary memorization, fostering a deeper understanding of the language and its use in describing people.

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