Pasapalabra game with vocabulary of the kitchen, free time and holidays

This Pasapalabra game in Spanish is a dynamic and engaging way to enhance vocabulary and work on relative structures, particularly those formed with prepositions, articles, and the conjunction “que.” The game is designed to be both educational and fun, making it an ideal tool for language learners.

Game Components: The Pasapalabra game consists of two wheels of vocabulary, each focused on a different thematic area. These themes include topics related to the kitchen, free time activities, and holidays. The goal is to combine vocabulary enrichment with the application of relative structures.

Objective: The primary objective of this ELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language) Pasapalabra game is twofold:

  1. Vocabulary Expansion: Players will broaden their vocabulary in the specified thematic areas.
  2. Practice Relative Structures: The game encourages the use of relative structures, specifically those formed by combining prepositions, articles, and “que” to create definitions.

Gameplay: Here’s how the Pasapalabra game is played:

  1. Players are divided into two teams, and each team takes turns spinning the wheel to select a letter.
  2. Once a letter is selected, the team must create a definition for a word related to the chosen thematic area. The definition should include a relative structure in the form of “preposition + article + que.” For example, “Es un utensilio de cocina que se usa para cortar verduras” (It’s a kitchen utensil that is used to cut vegetables).
  3. The opposing team listens to the definition and attempts to guess the word being described based on the given clues. The team may also receive the first letter of the word as a hint.
  4. If the guessing team answers correctly, they earn a point for that word. If they cannot guess it or provide an incorrect answer, the point goes to the other team.
  5. The game continues with each team taking turns and advancing through the alphabet, creating definitions, and guessing words.

Benefits of the Activity:

  1. Vocabulary Enrichment: Players expand their vocabulary in various thematic areas.
  2. Grammar Practice: The game reinforces the use of relative structures in Spanish.
  3. Critical Thinking: Players must think creatively to craft effective definitions.
  4. Interactive Learning: Pasapalabra fosters active participation and communication among players.

This Pasapalabra game provides a comprehensive language learning experience by combining vocabulary acquisition with grammar practice. It encourages creativity, teamwork, and effective communication, making it an effective and enjoyable tool for language learners at various levels.

Download the exercise in PDF

Download the instructions in PDF

Pasapalabra de español de léxico de cocina y ocio y vacaciones
Pasapalabra de español de léxico de cocina y ocio y vacaciones