Oral activity to revise B2 grammar content

This B2 level Spanish exercise is designed to provide students with a comprehensive grammar revision activity using a debate format. The topic of the debate is studying online, a relevant and engaging subject for today’s learners. Within this debate, students will have the opportunity to practice several important grammatical structures typically taught at the B2 level, including conditional phrases, concessive phrases, and other relevant grammar concepts.

Materials Needed:

  • Debate questions and prompts (provided in the exercise)
  • Writing tools (e.g., pens, pencils, notebooks)

Exercise Steps:

  1. Introduction to the Debate Topic: Start the exercise by introducing the topic of studying online. Discuss with students the advantages and disadvantages of online learning, setting the stage for the debate.
  2. Distribution of Debate Questions: Provide students with a list of debate questions and prompts related to online learning. These questions should cover a range of aspects, such as the effectiveness of online classes, the role of technology in education, and the impact on students’ motivation and learning outcomes.
  3. Grammar Focus – Conditional Phrases: Begin by focusing on conditional phrases. Explain the concept of conditional sentences and their use in expressing hypothetical situations. Discuss the structure and usage of “si” (if) clauses in both the present and past tenses. For example, “Si estudio más, sacaré mejores notas” (present) or “Si hubiera estudiado más, habría sacado mejores notas” (past).
  4. Grammar Focus – Concessive Phrases: Introduce concessive phrases and their role in expressing contrast or concession. Discuss the structure and use of phrases such as “aunque” (although), “a pesar de que” (even though), and “por más que” (no matter how much). For example, “Aunque me cueste, estudiaré en línea” (Although it’s difficult for me, I will study online).
  5. Debate Preparation: Divide the class into small groups, assigning each group a debate question or prompt related to online learning. Instruct each group to prepare arguments both in favor of and against the given topic using the grammar structures introduced (conditional and concessive phrases).
  6. Debate Presentation: Each group should present their arguments to the class, incorporating the target grammar structures. Encourage students to use a mix of conditional and concessive phrases in their speeches.
  7. Discussion and Reflection: After each debate presentation, facilitate a class discussion. Encourage students to share their opinions and engage in a constructive debate, using the target grammar structures in their responses.
  8. Whole-Class Debate: Conclude the exercise with a whole-class debate in which students can freely express their views on online learning, using the grammar structures learned throughout the activity.
  9. Grammar Recap: Summarize the key grammar points, emphasizing the use of conditional and concessive phrases in expressing opinions and arguments.

Objective: The primary objective of this B2 level Spanish grammar revision exercise is to reinforce and practice the use of conditional and concessive phrases within the context of a meaningful debate. By discussing a relevant topic and expressing their opinions using these grammar structures, students not only improve their language skills but also engage in critical thinking and debate skills development.

Download the exercise in PDF

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