Game with an activity to practice negative conditional phrases at B2 level

This engaging activity is designed as a game for B2 level ELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language) classes, focusing on the practice of negative conditional clauses. With 28 incomplete phrases containing negative conditional connectors, the objective is for students to complete these conditional statements using the imperfect subjunctive tense.

The chosen negative conditional connectors in this activity are:

1. A menos que (unless)
2. Menos si (unless)
3. Excepto que (except if)
4. Salvo si (except if)
5. A no ser que (unless)
6. Excepto si (except if)
7. Salvo que (unless)

The primary goal of this activity is to challenge students to correctly finish the phrases by applying the imperfect subjunctive tense. This requires a solid understanding of how conditional clauses work in Spanish and when to use the imperfect subjunctive to express hypothetical or contrary-to-fact situations.

Examples of Completed Phrases:
1. A menos que tú lo desearas, no participaríamos en el proyecto.
(Unless you wished for it, we wouldn’t participate in the project.)

2. Menos si tú estuvieras allí, no habría nadie en la conferencia.
(Unless you were there, there wouldn’t be anyone at the conference.)

3. Excepto que el tiempo mejorara, no podríamos salir de excursión.
(Except if the weather improved, we wouldn’t be able to go on a trip.)

4. Salvo si terminaras tu tarea, no podrías unirte a nosotros.
(Except if you finished your homework, you couldn’t join us.)

5. A no ser que ella llegara a tiempo, la reunión se cancelaría.
(Unless she arrived on time, the meeting would be canceled.)

6. Excepto si tú lo arreglaras, el problema seguiría sin resolver.
(Except if you fixed it, the problem would remain unresolved.)

7. Salvo que tú trajeras el postre, no habría nada para comer.
(Unless you brought dessert, there wouldn’t be anything to eat.)

This activity not only reinforces students’ understanding of negative conditional clauses but also enhances their ability to use the imperfect subjunctive tense correctly. It encourages critical thinking and language production in real-life scenarios where hypothetical conditions are present.

By engaging in this interactive game, students can refine their language skills, improve their grammatical accuracy, and gain confidence in constructing complex conditional sentences. It offers an effective and dynamic way to practice Spanish grammar at the B2 level while making learning enjoyable and engaging.

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Ejercicio oraciones condicionales negativas