B2 indirect style exercise

This Spanish B2 level exercise is designed to help students practice and reinforce their understanding of the indirect style (estilo indirecto) in Spanish. The indirect style is essential for reporting what someone else has said, making it a valuable skill for effective communication.

Materials Needed:

  • Exercise sheets with WhatsApp conversations
  • Space for students to write their responses

Exercise Steps:

  1. Introduction to Indirect Style: Begin the exercise with a brief review of the indirect style in Spanish. Explain that this grammatical structure is used to report what someone else has said or to convey information indirectly.
  2. WhatsApp Conversations: Distribute the exercise sheets containing WhatsApp conversations between a child and their mother. These conversations should include both direct speech (direct quotations) and indirect speech (reported speech). Each conversation should be separated into two parts: the child’s message to their friends and the mother’s response.
  3. Individual Analysis: Ask students to carefully read and analyze the WhatsApp conversations. In the first part, the child communicates directly with their friends (direct speech). In the second part, the child reports what their mother said (indirect speech). Encourage students to pay attention to the changes in verb tenses, pronouns, and other grammatical aspects when moving from direct to indirect speech.
  4. Rewriting in Indirect Style: Instruct students to rewrite the child’s messages to their friends using the indirect style. They should accurately report what the mother said without using direct quotations. Emphasize the importance of maintaining clarity and accuracy in the reporting.
  5. Pair or Group Discussion: After completing the rewriting exercise individually, have students work in pairs or small groups to discuss their responses. They can compare their rewritten versions and provide feedback to one another.
  6. Class Presentation: Ask several students to present their rewritten conversations to the class. This allows for a broader discussion of different approaches and interpretations of the indirect style.
  7. Feedback and Clarification: Provide feedback and clarification as needed. Address any questions or doubts students may have regarding the indirect style and its application.

Objective: The primary objective of this exercise is to help B2 level Spanish students practice and reinforce their knowledge of the indirect style. By rewriting WhatsApp conversations in the indirect style, students gain practical experience in using this grammatical structure for reporting speech. Additionally, the exercise encourages critical thinking and language analysis while promoting effective communication skills in Spanish.

Download the exercise in PDF

Download the instructions in PDF