Imperative affirmative and negative tense ELE game

To help our ELE students become true masters of the imperative, we’ve designed a thrilling game that combines challenges, teamwork, and conjugation practice. In the exciting journey of learning Spanish, the imperative tense is like a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered.

Game Overview: Our “Mastering the Imperative” game is specifically tailored for ELE classes to practice the imperative tense in both affirmative and negative forms. It’s a dynamic and engaging way to reinforce your understanding of this essential aspect of the Spanish language.

Boxed Challenges: The heart of the game consists of 24 boxes, each housing a unique challenge. The first 12 boxes feature challenges in the affirmative imperative, while the subsequent 12 present challenges in the negative imperative.

Teamwork and Pairs: Depending on the size of your class, we recommend dividing students into groups or pairs. This collaborative approach not only fosters a sense of camaraderie but also encourages students to learn from one another.

How It Works: As students delve into the game, they’ll encounter a variety of challenges that require them to conjugate verbs in the imperative tense. These challenges cover a wide range of scenarios, from giving affirmative commands to issuing prohibitions. With each challenge they conquer, students will grow more confident in their use of the imperative.

Perfect for A2 Revision: “Mastering the Imperative” is especially well-suited for students who have reached the end of their A2 course. By this point, they have already learned the imperative tense in both affirmative and negative forms, making this exercise an excellent opportunity for revision and hands-on practice.

Why It’s Beneficial:

  1. Active Engagement: This game keeps students actively engaged as they apply imperative conjugations to real-life scenarios.
  2. Team Building: Working in groups or pairs promotes collaboration and peer learning, enhancing the overall classroom experience.
  3. Practical Application: Through the challenges, students gain practical experience using the imperative tense in various contexts.
  4. Revision and Confidence: As they conquer each challenge, students reinforce their knowledge and build confidence in their Spanish language skills.

Conclusion: Learning the imperative tense in both affirmative and negative forms is a crucial milestone in mastering Spanish. “Mastering the Imperative” offers a fun and effective way for ELE students to achieve this goal. So, gear up for an exciting adventure in the world of imperatives and conquer each challenge with confidence!

Download the exercise in PDF

Download the instructions in PDF

Ejercicio de español para practicar el imperativo afirmativo y negativo en la clase de español