A game to practice the conjugation of the (regular) present tense in Spanish

We’ve crafted an exciting board game in spanish that transforms the often intimidating present tense of regular verbs into an enjoyable and interactive learning experience.

The Game Board: Our game board consists of 30 squares, each housing a question in its infinitive form. These questions serve as your stepping stones to conquering the present tense. The goal is simple: conjugate these verbs in the second person and present them to your friends, who will respond in the singular first person.

Regular Verbs Galore: Prepare to dive into a treasure trove of regular verbs, all waiting to be mastered. The verbs featured in our game cover a broad spectrum of everyday actions, making it a well-rounded language learning experience. From “cantar” (to sing) and “leer” (to read) to “comer” (to eat) and “aprender” (to learn), you’ll explore the versatile world of Spanish verbs.

Gameplay: Depending on the size of your class, you can organize students into groups or pairs. Each turn involves rolling the dice and advancing across the board. To truly reinforce your grasp of the present tense, aim to visit every square and tackle all the verbs.

The challenge is to correctly formulate a question using the conjugated verb, presenting two options. Your team members or partner must respond accurately to progress to the next turn. This interactive format ensures that everyone actively participates and strengthens their understanding of the present tense.

Learning with Fun and Strategy: Our board game not only helps you master the present tense but also encourages strategic thinking and collaboration. You’ll work as a team to navigate the board, competing with other players to reach the finish line.

Language Learning Reimagined: At our A1 Spanish class for beginners, we firmly believe that language learning should be a dynamic, engaging, and enjoyable experience. With this board game, you’ll not only enhance your grasp of the present tense but also foster a deeper connection with the Spanish language and culture.

So, roll the dice, step onto the board, and embark on a journey to conquer the present tense of regular verbs. This game is more than just a learning tool; it’s an exciting adventure that will make mastering Spanish a truly enjoyable pursuit.

Download the exeercise in PDF
Download the instructions in PDF