Activity game to practice Direct Object pronouns in the Spanish class

Welcome to an exciting linguistic activity designed to elevate your mastery of Spanish direct object pronouns and delve into the rich vocabulary of shops and establishments. Get ready to unravel the complexities of the perfect preterite tense while navigating this engaging game.

Game Synopsis: Transforming Actions In this immersive activity, you’ll be presented with a list of actions in their infinitive form. Your mission is to seamlessly convert these infinitive actions into the perfect preterite tense, revealing past experiences and activities. These actions include “llenar” (to fill), “comprar” (to buy), “recortarse” (to cut oneself), “tomar” (to take), “comprar” (to purchase), “encargar” (to order), “hacer” (to do/make), “enviar” (to send), “ver” (to see), “bañar” (to bathe), “probar” (to try), “sacar” (to take out), “tomarse” (to have), “descubrir” (to discover), “asistir” (to attend), “probarse” (to try on), “pedir” (to order/ask for), “romper” (to break), and “encontrar” (to find).

Objective: Unveiling Locations and Direct Object Pronouns The crux of this linguistic challenge lies in uncovering where these actions took place. You’ll engage in dialogues that require you to ask questions like, “Oye Piluca, ¿dónde te has comprado abrigo?” (Hey Piluca, where did you buy your coat?). In response, you’ll skillfully employ direct object pronouns like “Me lo he comprado en Zara” (I bought it at Zara), thereby mastering their correct usage.

Enriching Vocabulary: Exploring Shops and Establishments To make this game a comprehensive linguistic journey, we’ve integrated a visual element. A vibrant array of images representing various shops and establishments awaits you. These include “la boutique” (the boutique), “la librería” (the bookstore), “la oficina de correos” (the post office), “el restaurante” (the restaurant), “la tienda de mascotas” (the pet store), “la tienda de discos” (the record store), “la cafetería” (the café), “la frutería” (the fruit shop), “la barbería” (the barbershop), “la lavandería” (the laundromat), “la pastelería” (the pastry shop), “la juguetería” (the toy store), “la tienda de chuches” (the candy store), “el banco” (the bank), “el cine” (the cinema), “la farmacia” (the pharmacy), “la gasolinera” (the gas station), “la floristería” (the flower shop), and “la tienda de instrumentos musicales” (the musical instrument store).

Conclusion: A Multifaceted Learning Journey As you embark on this linguistic adventure, you’ll not only fine-tune your grasp of direct object pronouns and perfect preterite but also expand your vocabulary repertoire. Each dialogue and question will be a stepping stone toward greater proficiency in Spanish, unlocking the doors to vivid storytelling and rich expression. ¡Vamos a empezar! (Let’s begin!)

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Download the instructions in PDF