Desires with subjunctive practice activity B1

This B1 level activity is designed to help students practice expressing desires using the subjunctive mood in Spanish. To achieve this, we’ve selected four key structures commonly used to convey desires in the language: “Quiero…” (I want…), “Quiero que…” (I want that…), “Ojalá…” (I hope that…), and “Que…” (May…/Let…).

In addition to these structures, we’ve incorporated 24 diverse and relevant characters, each situated in different environments. These characters span various fields such as fashion, science, sports, cinema, television, music, and painting. By introducing these characters, we aim to make the exercise more engaging and relatable to the students’ interests, allowing them to connect with the scenarios more effectively.

The main objective of this activity, suitable for students at the B1 level, is to encourage creativity and imagination. Students are prompted to step into the shoes of these diverse characters and formulate desires using the provided structures. This approach not only reinforces their understanding of subjunctive usage but also fosters critical thinking and linguistic proficiency.

For instance, a student might imagine themselves as a famous fashion designer and use the structure “Quiero que…” to express a desire related to their career, such as “Quiero que mi nueva colección sea un éxito” (I want my new collection to be a success). Alternatively, they could utilize the structure “Ojalá…” to express a more aspirational desire like “Ojalá pueda inspirar a otros diseñadores” (I hope I can inspire other designers).

Similarly, a student imagining themselves as a scientist might say, “Que mi investigación ayude a mejorar la salud de las personas” (May my research help improve people’s health) using the structure “Que…”.

This exercise not only reinforces the proper use of the subjunctive mood in expressing desires but also encourages students to think critically and creatively. It allows them to immerse themselves in various scenarios and engage with the language in a meaningful way. Ultimately, this activity promotes a deeper understanding of the subjunctive mood while fostering students’ ability to communicate desires and aspirations effectively in Spanish.

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