Spanish past contrast activity about chocolate

This text about chocolate is a gap-fill exercise in Spanish designed to practice contrasting past tenses in Spanish classes.

This activity about chocolate, aimed at working on comparing past tenses, provides us with information about chocolate, from its origin to the present day. However, we need to change the given infinitives into the past tense, either the past simple or the past imperfect.

By using these infinitives, we can identify all the regular and irregular verbs related to the topic.

Chocolate has been a delight that has fascinated humanity for centuries. Its history began in Mesoamerica, where the Aztecs and Mayans consumed it as a bitter and spicy beverage. However, when Spanish conquistadors arrived in America, they were amazed by this exquisite treat and brought cocoa to Europe.

In Europe, chocolate quickly became a symbol of luxury and refinement. Swiss chocolatiers developed new techniques to produce high-quality chocolates, and chocolate gained popularity throughout Europe.

During the Industrial Revolution, new machines were invented that facilitated the large-scale production of chocolate, allowing more people to enjoy this delicious treat. In the 20th century, companies like Nestlé and Cadbury introduced a wide variety of chocolate products, from chocolate bars to filled chocolates.

Today, the chocolate industry is a multi-billion-dollar business that employs thousands of people worldwide. Furthermore, the demand for chocolate continues to grow, with new trends such as organic chocolate and chocolate with exotic flavors.

In summary, chocolate has a fascinating history that has evolved over the centuries. This activity allows us to practice different past tenses in Spanish while exploring the delicious history of this beloved product. So, let’s get to work and fill in the blanks with the verbs in the past!

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