Subordinate conjunctions revision game for B2 level ELE class

This game is designed for B2 level Spanish students who have already learned the subjunctive mood. It serves as a comprehensive revision of various subordinate conjunctions that are accompanied by either the indicative or the subjunctive mood. The activity is divided into three blocks, each consisting of 20 boxes. Here’s an overview of each block and the elements included:

Block 1: Subordinate Conjunctions In this block, students will encounter a variety of subordinate conjunctions commonly used in Spanish. These conjunctions are essential for understanding when to use the indicative or subjunctive mood in different contexts. The selected subordinate conjunctions are:

  • Para que (so that)
  • Antes de que (before)
  • Aunque (although)
  • Con tal de que (provided that)
  • Excepto si (except if)
  • Por poco que (even if)
  • De + infinitivo (of + infinitive)
  • Debido a que (due to the fact that)
  • Mientras que (while)
  • Pese a (despite)
  • Lo mismo (the same)
  • Igual (equally)
  • Que…que (that…that)
  • Puede que (it may be that)
  • Como si (as if)
  • Si (if)
  • Cuando (when)
  • Como (like/as)
  • De ahí que (hence)
  • Ni que (as if)
  • Ojalá (I hope/let’s hope)
  • Sin que (without)
  • Al (upon)
  • Quizás (perhaps/maybe)

Block 2: Images In this block, students will encounter various images representing different objects and concepts. These images provide context for creating sentences using subordinate conjunctions.

Block 3: Infinitives This block includes a list of infinitive verbs that can be used in combination with the subordinate conjunctions from Block 1. These infinitives allow students to construct sentences within the game.

The Gameplay: For each block of elements, students will roll the dice and move their game piece forward the number of spaces rolled. To progress, they must form phrases by combining elements from the three blocks. For example, a student might roll the dice, land on a box, and then create a sentence using the rolled subordinate conjunction, an image from Block 2, and an infinitive from Block 3.

This game provides an interactive and engaging way for B2 level Spanish students to review and practice the use of subordinate conjunctions, improve their sentence construction skills, and reinforce their understanding of when to use the indicative or subjunctive mood in various contexts. It combines elements of chance and creativity to make learning grammar and vocabulary more enjoyable.

Download the exercise in PDF

Download the instructions in PDF

Juego de ELE nivel B2 para repasar los conectores subordinados en indicativo o subjuntivo