Difference between the present tense and estar + gerund Boardgame

Are you eager to hone your understanding of the present indicative tense and estar + gerund in Spanish? Look no further! Our dynamic board game is here to make learning grammar fun and interactive. Let’s explore this exercise that will help you distinguish between these essential verb forms.

How the Board Game Works
This engaging Spanish exercise focuses on the difference between the present indicative and estar + gerund. The game is divided into two blocks, each containing 16 boxes. One block features various time markers, while the other showcases images representing different actions. Your mission is to connect the time markers with the appropriate actions, conjugating the verbs correctly based on the context.

Time Markers in the Game
In the first block, you’ll find an array of time markers that will guide your verb conjugation. These include familiar phrases such as “ahora” (now), “esta semana” (this week), “cada día” (every day), “en este momento” (at this moment), and many more. These markers will set the temporal stage for your verb conjugation.

Actions in the Game
The second block is populated with images representing various actions, from reading (“leer”) to playing ping pong (“jugar al ping pong”), and from writing a letter (“escribir una carta”) to singing (“cantar”). These images provide the context for choosing the correct verb form, either present indicative or estar + gerund.

The Goal: Correct Verb Conjugation
Your goal in this exercise is to select a time marker and an action, and then conjugate the corresponding verb into the correct form. This hands-on approach ensures that you not only understand the grammatical rules but also apply them effectively in real-life scenarios.

By engaging with this board game, you’ll transform the often-dreaded task of grammar practice into an enjoyable learning experience. It reinforces your ability to differentiate between the present indicative and estar + gerund, a crucial skill in mastering the Spanish language.

So, gather your fellow learners, roll the dice, and let the adventure of verb conjugation begin! With this board game, you’ll not only enhance your grammar skills but also have a blast in the process. ¡Vamos a aprender y jugar juntos! (Let’s learn and play together!)

Download the exercise in PDF
Download the instructions in PDF