Spanish board game activity to practice the difference between “qué” y “cuál”, at A2 level.

Welcome to an engaging Spanish activity designed to boost your comprehension of interrogative pronouns, specifically “qué” and “cuál.” At the A2 level, you’ll embark on a linguistic adventure centered around the theme of health. Let’s dive into the details of this exercise.

Activity Overview: Health-Related Questions This exercise presents you with a table containing 26 thought-provoking questions, all related to the topic of health. Your task is to fill in these questions with the appropriate interrogative pronouns, “qué” or “cuál.” By doing so, you’ll not only enhance your understanding of health-related vocabulary but also refine your ability to choose the right pronoun for different situations.

Exploring Health-Related Topics: A Comprehensive Learning Experience To make your journey through interrogative pronouns enjoyable and educational, we’ve carefully selected health-related themes that are both practical and insightful. Here’s a glimpse of the diverse topics you’ll explore:

  1. “¿Qué nombres tienen los cinco sentidos?”
    (What are the names of the five senses?)
  2. “¿Cuál es la clave para un envejecimiento saludable?”
    (What is the key to healthy aging?)
  3. “¿Qué objetos no pueden faltar en un botiquín?”
    (What objects must not be missing from a medicine cabinet?)
  4. “¿Cuáles son los efectos de la sal en los organismos?”
    (What are the effects of salt on organisms?)
  5. “¿Qué remedios existen para los dolores de espalda o de cabeza?”
    (What remedies are there for back pains or headaches?)

Perfecting Your Pronoun Choices As you complete this activity, you’ll not only delve into health-related vocabulary but also gain valuable practice in selecting the appropriate interrogative pronoun for each question. The distinction between “qué” and “cuál” is an essential aspect of Spanish grammar, and this exercise will help you solidify your grasp of their usage.

Conclusion: A Wholesome Learning Opportunity Are you ready to embark on this enlightening language journey? By participating in this activity, you’ll not only enhance your health-related vocabulary but also sharpen your skills in using “qué” and “cuál” correctly. It’s time to explore the fascinating world of health and language simultaneously. ¡Comencemos! (Let’s begin!)

Download the exercise in PDF

Download the instructions in PDF