Spanish boardgame activity to practice using verbs for likes and preferences, in singular or plural

Are you ready to dive into the world of expressing likes and dislikes in Spanish? Our engaging board game is designed for A1-level Spanish students, providing an interactive way to practice using verbs to convey preferences. Get ready to express your positive and negative opinions about various subjects while mastering singular and plural forms, both with infinitives and nouns.

The Game Setup: In this dynamic Spanish activity, you’ll find 10 verbs for expressing positive preferences and 10 for conveying negative opinions. Your goal is to pair these verbs with infinitives or nouns, choosing between singular and plural forms to construct sentences that reflect your personal likes and dislikes.

Positive Verbs:

  1. Encantar (to love)
  2. Flipar (to be amazed)
  3. Chiflar (to be crazy about)
  4. Entusiasmar (to excite)
  5. Gustar (to like)
  6. Divertir (to have fun)
  7. Volver loco (to drive crazy)
  8. Fascinar (to fascinate)
  9. Interesar (to interest)
  10. Molar (to be cool)

Negative Verbs:

  1. Indignar (to infuriate)
  2. Dar rabia (to make angry)
  3. Molestar (to annoy)
  4. Avergonzar (to embarrass)
  5. Poner nervioso (to make nervous)
  6. Horrorizar (to horrify)
  7. Fastidiar (to bother)
  8. Odiar (to hate)
  9. Dar igual (to not care)
  10. Entristecer (to sadden)

Subjects of Opinion: Now, let’s talk about the subjects you’ll be expressing your opinions on. From dogs and video games to horror movies and math, you’ll have the opportunity to share your thoughts on a wide range of topics. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll be discussing:

  • Dogs (los perros)
  • Reading (leer)
  • Video games (los videojuegos)
  • The color red (el color rojo)
  • Horror movies (las pelis de miedo)
  • Punk music (la música punk)
  • Soccer (el fútbol)
  • Riding the subway (viajar en metro)
  • Chatting (chatear)
  • Waiting in line (hacer cola)
  • Game of Thrones (Juego de Tronos)
  • Bullfighting (los toros)
  • Mathematics (las matemáticas)
  • Instagram
  • Weekend trips (los viajes de fin de semana)
  • Dancing Zumba (bailar zumba)
  • Spicy food (el chile)
  • My Spanish teacher (mi profe de español)
  • Snow (la nieve)
  • Singing loudly (cantar en voz alta)
  • Waking up early (madrugar)
  • Tripe stew (los callos)
  • Sunbathing (tomar el sol)
  • Spaniards (los españoles)

The Aim: The main objective of this activity is for Spanish students to express their opinions on various subjects using infinitives or nouns, in singular or plural form. For example, you might say, “Me encantan los perros” (I love dogs) or “Me indigna la nieve” (Snow infuriates me).

By participating in this engaging board game, you’ll not only enhance your ability to express preferences but also reinforce your grasp of singular and plural forms and gain confidence in constructing sentences to convey your likes and dislikes in Spanish. So, grab your game pieces and get ready to explore the world of opinions! ¡Vamos a expresar nuestras preferencias en español! (Let’s express our preferences in Spanish!)

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