A1 activity to practice common Spanish infinitives and gerunds

Are you eager to enhance your A1-level Spanish skills by mastering expressions with infinitives and gerunds? Look no further! Our carefully designed sequence of activities will not only help you grasp these fundamental language elements but also enable you to apply them with confidence.

Activity 1: Unveiling “Querer + Infinitive” Our first activity delves into the expression “querer + infinitive.” Your task is to complete phrases associated with different characters by matching them with corresponding images. This visual exercise not only introduces you to the concept of “querer + infinitive” but also provides a tangible context for its application.

Activity 2: Navigating “Estar + Gerund” and “Ir + Infinitive” In the second activity, we’ll explore the expressions “estar + gerund” and “ir + infinitive.” You’ll fill in the timetables and activities of various characters using these expressions. It’s a practical way to grasp present continuous actions (“estar + gerund”) and future plans (“ir + infinitive”) within a real-life context.

Activity 3: Persisting with “Seguir + Gerund” The third activity shines a spotlight on the expression “seguir + gerund.” Here, you’ll observe the actions that characters continue to do, reinforcing your understanding of ongoing actions and the usage of “seguir + gerund.”

Activity 4: Expressions in Practice In the final expressions activity, your creativity takes center stage. You’ll select a famous person, whether real or fictional, and construct sentences using the various expressions you’ve encountered in the previous exercises. This open-ended task encourages you to apply what you’ve learned in a creative and personalized way.

By participating in this sequence of activities, you’ll not only become proficient in using infinitive and gerund expressions but also gain the confidence to incorporate them into your everyday conversations. These exercises offer a holistic approach to language learning, encompassing comprehension, application, and creativity.

So, let’s embark on this linguistic journey together, where you’ll refine your Spanish skills and discover the art of expressing actions and intentions using infinitives and gerunds. ¡Vamos a aprender y practicar juntos! (Let’s learn and practice together!)

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