Spanish game and activity to introduce yourself in A1 classes

Are you ready to dive into the world of Spanish and learn how to introduce  yourself through this activity? Our engaging exercise is designed to make self-introductions a fun and interactive experience for beginners. Say goodbye to the typical “My name is…” and embrace a more imaginative way to get to know your fellow learners.

Creating Your Unique Character This activity takes the form of a game, where you’ll have the opportunity to craft your very own character. We’ve divided the game into five intriguing categories: name and age, origin, profession, languages, and likes. Within each category, you’ll find 16 cards that offer a range of options. The beauty of this game is that it’s customizable – the teacher can adjust the number of cards to suit the class size, and larger classes can engage in pairs.

How to Play To get started, simply cut up the cards and create separate piles for each category. Each student will then select one card from each category, forming the basis for their character’s introduction. Your character’s name, age, origin, profession, languages, and likes will be determined by these cards.

Adding a Twist: Challenges But here’s the twist – we’ve incorporated challenges to elevate the game. For example, in the “origin” category, you’ll need to locate the Spanish province or community referenced on your card on a map. In the “languages” category, identifying the corresponding country flag is your mission. And when it comes to “likes,” you’ll need to replace the original likes with dislikes (negatives). These challenges add an exciting layer to the game and encourage active engagement.

Presenting Your Unique Character Once you’ve gathered all the information from your cards, it’s time to step into the spotlight. Your task is to introduce your new character to the group, narrating their name, age, origin, profession, languages, and adjusted likes/dislikes in Spanish. It’s a fantastic way to practice speaking, while also learning more about your fellow learners in a creative and enjoyable manner.

By participating in this introduction game for Spanish beginners, you’ll not only enhance your language skills but also unleash your imaginative side. It’s a memorable way to break the ice and build connections with your peers, all while mastering the art of self-introductions. ¡Vamos a aprender y crear personajes juntos! (Let’s learn and create characters together!)

If you want, you can download this introducing yourself activity, and its instructions, by clicking here:

A1 Spanish introducing yourself game
Instructions for beginners’ introudcing yourself activity in Spanish