A1 beginners’ Spanish game to practice the colours

Are you ready to infuse your A1-level Spanish classes with a burst of vibrant colors? Our engaging activity is designed to help beginners master the names of the most common colors in Spanish. Let’s dive into this colorful adventure!

Exploring the Rainbow of Colors
In this activity, we’ll focus on the most common colors in Spanish, including “el rojo” (red), “el verde” (green), “el azul” (blue), “el amarillo” (yellow), and many more. These foundational colors form the basis of your language journey.

Image-Based Learning
To make practicing colors more interactive and entertaining, we’ve carefully selected a series of images that playfully challenge your perception of reality. These images depict familiar objects like “el sol” (the sun), “unas cerezas” (cherries), “un cerdo” (a pig), and “una hoguera” (a bonfire), but their colors don’t quite match reality. Your task is to identify the color discrepancies and reinforce your knowledge of color vocabulary.

A Palette of Imaginative Scenarios
From a “delfín” (dolphin) that’s not quite blue to “unas naranjas” (oranges) that defy their expected hue, these imaginative scenarios will keep you engaged as you navigate the world of colors in Spanish.

The Aim of the Game
The objective of this activity is to practice identifying and correctly naming the colors associated with each image. By encountering these unexpected color combinations, you’ll strengthen your ability to recall color vocabulary and use it in real-life situations.

A Colorful Journey
This game takes the often mundane task of learning colors and transforms it into a playful adventure. It’s an opportunity to enhance your language skills while having fun with fellow learners.

So, gather your classmates, dive into this colorful challenge, and discover the joy of mastering color vocabulary in Spanish. With a sun that’s not quite yellow and cherries that defy convention, this activity will make learning colors a memorable and enjoyable experience. ¡Vamos a aprender y jugar con los colores! (Let’s learn and play with colors!)

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Ejercicio de español vocabulario colores