Halloween in Málaga

Halloween is coming soon and due to the fact that it is a very popular feast amongst people because of its creative costumes, specific scary vibe and a reason for families and friends to gather together and celebrate we have decided to give you some tips to have a spooky, funny and unforgettable Halloween time here in Málaga! […]

Halloween is coming soon and due to the fact that it is a very popular feast amongst people because of its creative costumes, specific scary vibe and a reason for families and friends to gather together and celebrate we have decided to give you some tips to have a spooky, funny and unforgettable Halloween time here in Málaga! You should start to think about some original and scary costume, prepare it and also turn on your spooky and deadly vibe because this will be a hell of a scary and incredible night!

A creepy promenade through Malaga

Besides all the creepy parties in disco clubs and bars, Malaga annually organizes a great Zombie walk where people are dressed as the living dead so if you would like to experience this kind of fun which is going to shake your bones and dress up as a zombie or even something more frightening to scare the hell out of everyone you should know that this parade starts at 22:30 in Plaza de la Constitucion in the Malaga’s old town.

For competition lovers and fame reachers the perfect event to participate in is Halloween mask contest! This event will happen on Tuesday 31st from 5pm till 9pm in the Port of Malaga, Artsenal with a free entry and as always it will be full of various costumes and scary masks which you can’t even imagine. Different category prizes and lot of photos taken are not going to be missed either.


Historic botanical garden La Concepción

If you want to experience something new and different you should definitely visit the botanical garden because it also celebrates Halloween and every year they organize a competition of the best costume where you can win some prize. You can enjoy a theatrical tour full off scary figures and costumes which hide in the dark spots and corners to frighten you.

There are three categories of visitings from which you can choose available: adultskids and groups.

All the guided tours start at 8 pm and each tour takes approximately about one hour. Tours for children under 16 are 15€ and for adults 18€. There is also a possibility of a family pack guided tour which is 40€ and allows entry for two adults and two children.



Halloween in Old English Cemetery

Another place which you can visit and check to fulfill your expectations and satisfy your horror blood desire is an old English Cemetery of Málaga which also celebrates this feast and moreover it is closer to the city center. What is very interesting about it is a fact that this cemetery is the oldest non catholic cemetery in all of Spain.
There are actors who will tell you all the horror stories and tales about the deaths during the tour and they make sure to make it frightening and unforgettable for you!

This year the cemetery organizes a Great Halloween Game which consists of many activities for teams of 4 to 6 people who are required to register in advance. Of course the aim of this game is to get to know more of the history for both adults and children so if you are interested to learn more about the history and our ancestors you definitely cannot miss it! Price is 25€ per team and the games are from Friday 27th till Tuesday 31st October with times 7:30, 9:00 and 10:30pm. Don’t miss it and check more on the website.


Parties to visit

For people who like to party hard and try some good disco places to continue with their halloween vibe the best disco clubs to go to have a crazy party are Sala GoldTheatro which belong to the most popular and biggest ones but there are also other very famous ones like Mala Fama or El Liceo.

Club Theatro organizes a Halloween party on Saturday 28th of October and it offers latin music, electronic music to “murder the boredom”. There will be also a contest of the best costume with prizes so get your best costume and scare everyone on the dance floor.


In Sala Gold there is a Halloween event on Monday 31st of October which offers a spectacular ambience, gogo zombie dancers, reggaeton music, live saxophone and drums performance and many other surprises that will “shake your bones”.

There are these entrance offers:
Entrance + open beer and tinto bar + 1 spirit till 1am –> 10 euros
Entrance + 2 spirits till 1 am –> 10 euros


Traditional scary sweets

It wouldn’t be a proper Halloween without trying some sweets which are typical for this season in Malaga. We bring you these two traditional sweet bites which are a must try if you have decided to visit Malaga now!

By this time of the year when this feast is coming in every bakery you can find some typical sweets like for example huesos de santo which means “bones of saint”. These traditional little treats are made of marzipan and they are filled with a sugary egg mixture. They are specifically designed so they remind of bones and of course it is a must try sweet in Málaga during the Halloween.

As another Halloween treat we can consider little fried bites made of dough which are similar to donuts. They are called buñuelos de viento, usually they are sprinkled with a powdered sugar and they are also very popular here.

If you will be during these magical and horrific feast in Málaga do not forget to try these delicious and tasty sweets which you can not find anywhere else because of its original recipe and taste which is typical just for Spain!

We hope you will enjoy your stay in Málaga as well as this legendary and exquisite night full of creepiness and that you will bring with yourself just the best and unforgetable memories!

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