Erasmus+ Program

Erasmus+ Program


You’re probably already familiar with the Erasmus program from your time at university, but you might not have heard of Erasmus+! The European Union developed these exchange programs to encourage the trade of knowledge and experiences between different educational institutions throughout Europe.

There is a large variety of these programs for organizations as well as individuals. At AIL Español, we recommend that you take a look at programs titles “KA1 Mobility”. These are appropriate for individuals from all parts of the education world: institutions, professional trainings, universities, or adult professional courses.


Can I apply for the scholarship on my own?

No. The European Union does not allow for individual scholarship applications. You need to be part of an educational institution as either an employee or student in order to qualify for the scholarships. The organization you belong to must also be properly registered as a participant of Erasmus+.

Who can apply?

Any member of an educational institution! The director, student advisors, professors, or students.

How can I start my journey on Erasmus+?

To begin your Erasmus+ experience, you need to speak with the exchange coordinator of your educational institution. When you have their approval, you can fill out the request for funds from Erasmus+. In this step, you will also fill out the forms that your institution requires. When these are all approved, you will need to sign an Academic Agreement between your educational center, AIL Español, and yourself.

What information do I need from AIL Español?

Your center will need to get in contact with:

Olé Languages Barcelona

The exchange coordinator at your institution can find us through PIC: 880672507. Organisation ID: E10340495 .


The exchange coordinator at your institution can find us through PIC: 922727924. Organisation ID: E10192964.


The exchange coordinator at your institution can find us through PIC: 906956985. Organisation ID: E10312401.

Is there a lot of paperwork to fill out?

As we mentioned before, most Erasmus+ programs require 2 documents:

When will I receive the funds from the scholarship?

Normally, the scholarship is received during your stay or right after the end of the program. As such, please prepare to pay the costs of the trip out of pocket. You will receive the funds allotted later through the Erasmus+ agency in your country.

Who are the AIL Español Spanish classes aimed at?

Directors of educational organizations

Professors of Spanish as a foreign language (ELE) abroad

Professors from any subject who teach in Spanish

Administrative teams of educational organizations

University students or recent graduates

What are the most popular courses for Erasmus+ scholarships?

Individuals can apply for scholarships to cover up to 80% of costs: the trip to Spain, housing, and the Spanish course itself. The courses most popular for Erasmus+ participants are:

Intensive Spanish Course

Premium Spanish Course

Total Immersion Course

DELE Preparation Course

ELE Teacher Training Course

Business Spanish Course

Spanish and Intership Course

IMPORTANT: The application for a scholarship MUST be done through your host educational organization. It cannot be done on your own.

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