Erasmus+ Program

Erasmus+ Program


You probably already know about the Erasmus programs from your time at university, but you may not have known about the Erasmus+ programs. The European Union developed these mobility programs to promote training and collaboration between educational institutions throughout the European territory.

There is a wide variety of programs available for both organizations and individuals. At AIL Español, we recommend that you take a look at the programs called “KA1 Mobility,” which are suitable for people at all levels of education: high school, vocational training, university, and adult education.


Can I apply for the scholarship on my own?

No, the European Union no longer allows scholarships to be applied for by individuals. You need to be part of an educational institution as a worker or student in order to obtain the scholarships. You need an educational organization as your sending institution, which is registered (or will be registered) as a participant in the Erasmus+ programs.

Who can apply for it?

Any member of an educational institution: director, head of studies, teacher, or student.

How do I get my Erasmus+ started?

To get started with your Erasmus+, the first thing you should do is talk to the mobility coordinator at your educational institution. You should always discuss your options with your institution first. Once you have approval from your educational institution, you will fill out the Erasmus+ funding application. For this step, you will need to complete the documents requested by your institution. Once approved, you will need to sign an “Academic Agreement” between your institution, AIL Español, and yourself.

What information do I need from AIL Español?

Your institution will need to contact:

Olé Barcelona (Olé Languages BCN S. L.)

The exchange coordinator at your institution can find us through PIC: 880672507. Organization ID: E10340495.


The exchange coordinator at your institution can find us through PIC: 922727924. Organization ID: E10192964.


The exchange coordinator at your institution can find us through PIC: 906956985. Organization ID: E1031240.

Do you have to fill out many documents?

As mentioned in the section on “How to get your Erasmus+ started,” most programs require 2 documents:

  • Your institution will need to submit a scholarship application to your country’s Erasmus+ agency. This document will be filled out by your educational institution and yourself.
  • An Academic Agreement that is filled out in three phases (before, during, and after mobility). This document will be signed by your educational institution, AIL Español, and yourself.
When do I receive the scholarship payment?
Normally, you receive the scholarship during or at the end of your stay, so you should assume that you will have to cover the mobility expenses yourself, and then you will receive the funds allocated by the national Erasmus+ agency of your country.

What are the profiles that usually opt for Spanish courses through Erasmus+ funding?

Directors/Heads of Studies from educational organizations

Spanish teachers (ELE) abroad

Teachers of other subjects who teach their subject in Spanish

Administrative staff from educational organizations

Recently graduated or ungraduated university students

What are the most requested courses through Erasmus+ funding?

Candidates can apply for scholarships to undertake training at our Spanish school, and they typically cover up to 80% of travel, accommodation, and course expenses. The most requested courses by Erasmus+ candidates are:

Intensive Spanish Course 

DELE Preparation Course

Premium Spanish Course

Spanish and Internships

Business Spanish Course

Total Immersion Spanish Course

ELE Teacher Training Course

It’s important for you to know that the scholarship application must be done through your educational institution; you cannot apply for it yourself.

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