El Carnaval is one of the best festivities of the year everywhere. Cities get filled up of colors, energy, happiness and creativity! In some places, Carnival has the same importance as other great festivities such as Christmas and Easter.

We all know about some amazing and huge Carnivals around the world. Think about the colorful carnival in Rio de Janeiro or the luxurious one in Venice, famous for its elaborate masks and parades.

Naming the big ones doesn’t mean Spain has nothing to offer, on the contrary! Spain is famous for its energetic culture that is always down for musica, baile y comida en la calle! Also, as you might know, Spain is a Catholic country and that makes that Spanish people celebrate Carnival! And they celebrate it big as only los españoles can do

Spain’s best Carnivals are in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Cadiz, Sitges (Barcelona) and many more.. Also, Malaga has an impressive Carnival
(starting the 21st of February until the 1st of March)! The Carnival in Malaga will entertain you 24/7 if you like, but let’s talk about the greatest one in Andalusia. The famous Carnival: Carnival of Cadiz!


Did you know…?

Carnival in Spain has been a great tradition since centuries, until Dictator Francisco Franco stopped it. Cadiz Carnival was the only one that Franco couldn’t ban at that time. People started doing it behind closed doors until 1948. Later, they started celebrating on the streets but only a few lucky ones, like reach and privileged people, could enjoy it. However, it was forbidden to use the word ¨Carnival¨.

After the death of Dictator Franco, Carnival came back and gained popularity. Carnival always has been a typical tradition of ”países cristianos”. The streets where again filled up with music, dancing, costumes, parades and typical Andalusian street food. Carnival is a great opportunity to get dressed whatever you like and mingle with your beloved friends. ”¡Que disfrutais!”