Opinions with subjunctive activity

This ELE (Español como Lengua Extranjera) B1 level activity provides valuable practice for students in using the present subjunctive tense and verbs that express opinions in Spanish. It engages learners in thought-provoking discussions by presenting 14 controversial statements, prompting them to express their opinions using specific verbs.

The objective of this exercise is to encourage students to convey their opinions effectively using the appropriate verb form. When these opinion verbs are conjugated affirmatively, they are used with the indicative tense, while in the negative form, they are paired with the present subjunctive.

The selected topics for this B1 ELE activity are thoughtfully chosen to stimulate meaningful conversations and engage students in relevant and contemporary issues. The topics include immigration, prostitution, same-sex marriage, drugs, firearms, terrorism, and climate change—each offering a unique perspective on contemporary societal debates.

For example, a statement related to climate change might read: “Creo que el cambio climático es una amenaza global” (I believe that climate change is a global threat), using the indicative tense to express an affirmative opinion. Conversely, a statement related to terrorism might be framed negatively: “No creo que el terrorismo sea una solución” (I don’t believe that terrorism is a solution), employing the present subjunctive to express a negative opinion.

This activity not only reinforces the proper use of the present subjunctive and indicative tenses but also encourages students to think critically and articulate their viewpoints on important issues. It fosters discussions that promote cultural awareness and provides an opportunity for learners to engage in meaningful conversations related to contemporary societal challenges.

By discussing these topics and expressing their opinions in Spanish, students enhance their language proficiency, develop critical thinking skills, and gain a deeper understanding of the language in the context of real-world discussions. This activity empowers learners to communicate effectively and express themselves confidently in both spoken and written Spanish, ultimately contributing to their overall language fluency.

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