A1 activity to practice infinitive and gerund expressions

Enhance Your A1 Spanish Skills with Infinitive and Gerund Expressions

Are you ready to take your A1 Spanish skills to the next level? In this sequence of activities designed for beginners, we’ll dive into the world of infinitive and gerund expressions. These essential language elements will help you express actions and intentions with ease. Let’s explore the activities that will sharpen your language proficiency.

Activity 1: Mastering “Querer + Infinitive
Our first activity revolves around the expression “querer + infinitive.” The goal here is to complete phrases associated with different characters by using the accompanying images as clues. This exercise will not only familiarize you with the “querer + infinitive” structure but also provide context for its usage.

Activity 2: Exploring “Estar + Gerund” and “Ir + Infinitive
In the second exercise, we’ll delve into the expressions “estar + gerund” and “ir + infinitive.” You’ll help us fill out the timetables and activities of various characters. This exercise is a fantastic way to practice both present continuous actions (estar + gerund) and future plans (ir + infinitive) in a practical context.

Activity 3: Continuing with “Seguir + Gerund
The third activity centers on the expression “seguir + gerund.” Here, you’ll observe the actions that characters continue to do or choose to stop. This exercise reinforces your understanding of “seguir + gerund” and how it relates to ongoing actions.

Activity 4: Expressions in Action

In our final expressions activity, it’s your turn to showcase your creativity. Think of a famous character, whether real or fictional, and craft sentences using the different practiced expressions from the previous activities. This open-ended exercise allows you to apply what you’ve learned in a creative and personalized way.

By participating in these A1-level activities, you’ll not only become proficient in using infinitive and gerund expressions but also gain the confidence to incorporate them into your everyday conversations. These exercises provide a well-rounded approach to language learning, encompassing comprehension, application, and creativity.

So, let’s embark on this linguistic journey together, where you’ll not only refine your Spanish skills but also discover the joy of expressing actions and intentions in a new language. ¡Vamos a aprender y crear juntos! (Let’s learn and create together!)

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