Consecutive clauses with intensifiers exercise

This Spanish exercise is aimed at helping students practice consecutive clauses with intensifiers at the B1 level. Before diving into the activities, we’ll begin with a quick recap of the structures used to express outcomes that are qualified with an intensifier. These structures include “tan + adjective + como” (as + adjective + as), “tanto/a(s) + noun + como” (as much/many + noun + as), and “tan + adjective + que” (so + adjective + that).

In the first activity, we present a series of incomplete phrases that utilize the comparative structure “tan + adjective + como.” Students will be tasked with completing these phrases by selecting the appropriate images provided. This exercise not only reinforces their understanding of the structure but also encourages them to make practical connections between the phrases and the visual representations.

Moving on to the second exercise, we continue practicing the comparative consecutive structure, but this time, we focus on using a noun instead of an adjective. This variation challenges students to apply the same concept in a different context, helping them develop a more comprehensive grasp of the intensifier-driven consecutive clauses.

In the final activity, we delve into the intensifying consecutive structure “tan + adjective + que.” Students will be presented with a set of phrases and the task is to match them up appropriately. This exercise allows students to consolidate their understanding of this specific structure and apply it effectively.

By working through these activities, students will not only strengthen their knowledge of consecutive clauses with intensifiers but also enhance their ability to use these structures in practical communication. These exercises are designed to encourage active participation, critical thinking, and hands-on application of the grammar concepts covered, ultimately facilitating a deeper understanding of the Spanish language at the B1 level.

In summary, this Spanish exercise offers a structured and engaging approach to practicing consecutive clauses with intensifiers. It equips students with the tools and skills needed to express comparisons and intensify statements in Spanish, thereby fostering their linguistic proficiency and competence.

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