To practice the indirect style in Spanish at B2 level

This activity, presented in the form of a table, is a valuable exercise to practice the indirect style in Spanish using phrases and statements made by notable women in the Hispanic world. These statements come from a diverse group of influential women, including Penélope Cruz, Chavela Vargas, Celia Cruz, Policarpa Salavarrieta, Eva Duarte de Perón, and Rigoberta Menchú, among others.

The primary objective of this activity is to engage students in the transformation of sentences from direct style to indirect style. Indirect style, or “estilo indirecto,” is an essential aspect of Spanish grammar that allows individuals to report what someone else has said or expressed without quoting their exact words.

The table presents 18 phrases or statements spoken by these prominent women. Students are tasked with the challenge of modifying these sentences from the direct style (direct speech) into the indirect style (indirect speech). This process involves altering verb forms, pronouns, and sentence structures to accurately convey the original speaker’s message in an indirect manner.

For example, if one of the provided phrases in direct style is “Penélope Cruz dijo: ‘Me encanta actuar,'” students must transform it into indirect style by reporting what Penélope Cruz said, such as “Penélope Cruz afirmó que le encanta actuar” (Penélope Cruz stated that she loves acting).

To enrich the learning experience and incorporate a cultural component, instructors can initiate the activity with a warm-up exercise. Students are encouraged to research and gather information about the notable women featured in the table. They can then prepare brief presentations, sharing insights about these remarkable figures and their contributions to the Hispanic world.

This cultural exploration adds depth to the exercise, connecting language learning with a broader understanding of Hispanic culture and the accomplishments of influential women. It fosters a holistic approach to language acquisition, encouraging students to appreciate the cultural and historical context in which the language is spoken.

In summary, this activity not only serves as a means to practice the indirect style in Spanish but also offers students an opportunity to learn from and celebrate the voices of remarkable women who have made significant contributions to the Hispanic world. It promotes language proficiency, cultural awareness, and critical thinking, making it a valuable addition to language learning curricula.

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