A1 Spanish activity to practice ‘estar’ + the gerund in classes

Are you ready to dive into the world of the ‘estar’ + gerund structure in Spanish? We’ve prepared an exciting board game exercise designed specifically for beginners in Spanish classes. This activity incorporates vivid images and numbers to make your learning experience interactive and fun.

The Game Setup: In this engaging Spanish activity, your task is to deduce the verb that corresponds to each image presented on the board. Once you’ve identified the verb, you’ll transform it into the ‘estar’ + gerund structure. Let your imagination run wild as you answer questions presented in the game’s title, such as “Nos pasamos llamando por teléfono x horas, o x días o x años” (We spend x hours, x days, or x years making phone calls).

The Verbs: To make this activity even more exciting, we’ve incorporated a diverse range of verbs that match up with the images. These verbs represent everyday actions and activities that you’re likely familiar with, making it easier for you to apply the ‘estar’ + gerund structure. Here are the verbs you’ll be working with:

  1. Conducir (to drive)
  2. Dormir (to sleep)
  3. Ver la tele (to watch TV)
  4. Comer (to eat)
  5. Leer (to read)
  6. Ir de compras (to go shopping)
  7. Reír (to laugh)
  8. Ir al baño (to go to the bathroom)
  9. Afeitarse (to shave)
  10. Caminar (to walk)
  11. Poner la lavadora (to do the laundry)
  12. Besarse (to kiss)
  13. Trabajar (to work)
  14. Ducharse (to shower)
  15. Llamar por teléfono (to make a phone call)
  16. Usar el transporte público (to use public transportation)
  17. Cocinar (to cook)

Using Your Imagination: While we’ve provided answers in the instructions, we encourage you to use your creativity to estimate the number of hours, days, or years related to each action. This flexibility allows you to personalize the game and practice the ‘estar’ + gerund structure in a way that suits your preferences and learning style.

By participating in this interactive board game, you’ll not only gain a better understanding of the ‘estar’ + gerund structure but also reinforce your ability to apply it in various contexts. Additionally, this activity encourages creativity and engagement, making the learning process enjoyable and memorable. So, grab your game piece and get ready to explore the ‘estar’ + gerund structure in a playful and interactive way.

Download the exercise in PDF
Download the instructions in PDF

Ejercicio de español sobre estar más gerundio