Spanish activity about estar + gerund in the imperfect and past tense

Welcome to an activity where you will delve into the fascinating world of Spanish verb tenses – the past and imperfect forms of “estar + gerund.” Our adventure is set against the backdrop of a fictional celebrity’s busy schedule, offering you a unique opportunity to practice and contrast these verb tenses.

Activity 1: Navigating the Celestial Schedule In the initial exercise, you’ll be introduced to a series of hours and activities from our celebrity’s busy day. Your task is to master the use of “estar + gerund” in both the past and imperfect tenses. By selecting the appropriate tense, you’ll describe what the celebrity was doing at different times during the day. This exercise provides a solid foundation for understanding the contrast between the two tenses.

Activity 2: Transforming Images into Actions The second activity takes you deeper into the celestial journey by presenting images representing various actions. Your mission is to choose between the past and imperfect tenses of “estar + gerund” and transform these images into descriptive sentences. This exercise challenges your ability to visualize actions and express them accurately using the correct tense, reinforcing your grasp of the concepts.

Activity 3: Meeting Fictitious Characters As you progress through our celestial journey, you’ll encounter a diverse cast of fictitious characters, each with their own profession. Your final task is to narrate what these characters were doing or what they did at a specific time. This exercise tests your ability to apply the past and imperfect tenses in real-life scenarios, offering a practical glimpse into the intricacies of the Spanish language.

Embrace the Celestial Adventure Through these engaging activities, you’ll embark on a celestial adventure that not only enhances your understanding of “estar + gerund” in the past and imperfect tenses but also equips you with valuable skills to navigate real-world conversations in Spanish. As you weave your way through our fictional celebrity’s schedule, you’ll gain confidence in using these verb tenses effectively, making your language journey all the more enriching. ¡Vamos! (Let’s go!)

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Download the instructions in PDF