Giving instructions Spanish activity, practicing with verbs relating to movements of the body

This beginner-level Spanish activity focuses on practicing giving instructions, body movement-related verbs, and obligation structures. In the first exercise, we introduce verbs related to body movements like bending, sitting, stretching, and more. These verbs will be used in subsequent activities.

The second exercise involves completing a text about the benefits of yoga by using verbs in the present indicative. This reinforces understanding and usage of these verbs in context.

The third exercise is all about instructions and obligations. We provide images of various yoga poses, and students must describe the movements required to perform these poses using the verbs introduced in the first exercise. They’ll also practice structures like “tener que + infinitive,” “deber + infinitive,” and “hay que + infinitive,” along with the imperative form.

To wrap it up, the final exercise focuses on oral expression. Students will engage in discussions related to relaxation, connecting the vocabulary and structures they’ve learned throughout the exercises. These exercises aim to enhance language skills and provide a comprehensive learning experience for beginners.

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Download the instructions in PDF

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